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Hello, good people of the fog!

We have a squad of heavily armed Associate Community Managers, as well as an updated in-game report system.
Ridding the fog of those who make the gaming experience miserable for others is our top priority.

With your help, we will be able to find these people and punish them appropriately, making the game a better place.


You may only report things that happen directly to you or in a game that you were in.
Reporting for other people is not allowed and these reports will be discarded.
(ie. Reporting someone on behalf of a friend, streamer, or other)

Fill the In-game report

An In-game report MUST be made. This is not optional, and is a must to help us identify the person in your game as well as find any other evidence we need.

Customer Support ticket?

  • Video evidence is required or heavily suggested for some offenses, please refer to the lists below.
  • Whilst you can report offenses directly to our support, please only do so for serious offenses like cheating, hacking, DOX/death threats.

Discarded reports reasons

* Camping
* Slugging
* Tunneling
* Streamsniping
* Teabagging
* Bodyblocking
* Looping
* Tapping generators with ruin
* Dribbling (Dropping a survivor repeatedly to avoid decisive strike)

We do not control anything that happens outside of Dead by Daylight.
This includes private Steam messages/groups/names, PS4/XBOX messages, Discord messages, Twitch/social media interactions, etc. Anything that occurs on these platforms must be reported to the respective authorities.


List of bannable offenses

Hacking in-game exclusives and / or legacy skins

The acquiring of any in-game skin through anything other than official channels (ie. codes, giveaways, etc.)
The possession of legacy skins without earning them. The cutoff to earn legacy skins happened on November 24, 2016. If a player has obtained legacy skins after this date, then it is considered cheating.
In-game report REQUIRED / Customer Support ticket REQUIRED

Cheated progress / modifying your save file

We need the profile of the person you are reporting. Reportable via support team.
Using any 3rd party software or other method to cheat your save file or any measure of progress contained within your save file. This includes using someone else’s save file.
In-game report REQUIRED / Customer Support ticket REQUIRED


Excessive and serious threats against someone, including DOX threats, life threats, disclosing private information, etc.
You can fill a support ticket to provide more information, Screenshots and video are optional, but highly recommended.
Reminder: everything that happens out of the game should be reported to the appropriate platform. (ie: Twitch, Discord, Steam, Sony, Microsoft)
In-game report REQUIRED / Customer Support ticket OPTIONAL

Other Hacks

In-game report under Unsportsmanlike is MANDATORY
Using 3rd party software or other tools to gain any kind of unfair advantage that wasn’t intended by the game, except if they have been whitelisted by us. We are not banning for the use of communication apps.
In-game report REQUIRED / Customer Support ticket REQUIRED


List of bannable offenses

24h -> 48h -> 1w -> Permanent

This is a sliding scale and determined on a case-by-case basis. If an offense is considered to be particularly egregious, the duration of the ban may skip one or more steps in this process.

Harassment: Communications Abuse

  • Insults, intimidation, hateful speech, repeated harassment
    In-game report REQUIRED

Griefing: Intentional Gameplay Abuse

  • Working with the opposite team to gain an advantage or grief teammates
  • Targeting specific users repeatedly in order to ruin their game experience
  • Holding the game hostage
    In-game report REQUIRED / Customer Support ticket OPTIONAL

Exploits: Abusing bugs or errors in design to gain a competitive advantage

  • Advertising exploits
  • Exploit bugs, errors in design, or undocumented features to gain access to what otherwise would not be available or to obtain a competitive advantage
    In-game report REQUIRED / Customer Support ticket OPTIONAL

Specific exploits that we will ban for until they are resolved:

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

  • Botting
  • Lag switching
  • Disconnects (leaving the match before killed or sacrificed) - DO NOT REPORT
    For both Botting and Lag switching, in-game reports are REQUIRED / Customer Support ticket OPTIONAL

About Disconnects bans - DO NOT REPORT

The escalation is now 1 week / 2 weeks / 4 weeks / Permananent ban


Cannot be appealed

  • Temporary bans
  • Social Media (Forums, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Fan sites / Fan groups

Permanent bans : APPEALS

Send a Ticket to

Console bans

  • We are currently scoping the task of implementing our ban system to the console versions
  • No ETA yet

Abuse of Support Services

This includes making false support tickets and lying to support agents. Our agents are always here to help the community. However, those making false tickets just to get a step ahead of everyone else and take advantage hinders our ability to better help everyone. Penalties include suspension of your support services, up to a permanent ban of your in-game account.

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