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Deathslinger will never be "fixed"

KebekKebek Member Posts: 1,897

Since PH is getting M2 release CD, many people were speculating & asking if slinger will be the next to get changes to make him, give survivors more chances to outplay his power or limit it on other ways.

The thing is, only realistic changes to slinger are the ones to his TR or to his M2 spam which aren't adressing people's main complains that his shots "can't be countered" with reacting to them.

And why do I think that devs won't ever change slinger's instaADS ? Well, it's because of a few reasons:

1. Fixing instaADS isn't changing survivor's ability to react to them (since the shot isn't reactable due to the projectile speed, not the ADS speed) but mainly telling them when they're supposed to start making tricky movement yet they still can't react dodge the perfect shot once they're in it's reach. 

2. If the instaADS was made longer, slinger would lose his main reason to exist. The main thing that makes slinger good and allows him compete with huntress's power is his instaADS giving him very high consistency in opportunities for shots, justifying his existence. If he had longer ADS, he would become redundant beiing overshadowed by huntress in every important aspect of killer gameplay.

3. "He just needs a full rework" Actually he doesn't. There were only 2 major reworks to killers who broke the game - Freddy and Legion. Both hardcountered certain surivor playstyles, Freddy stealth, Legion chase. 

Slinger is a killer that is extremely good duelist, chances to loop amazing slinger are extremely slim but that's not good enough reason to rework him. He's not breaking the game since chases against him can be won, either through slinger making mistakes or survivor playing well be it playing extremely safe, beiing lucky at predictions, making good decisions (when to abandon unsafe loops, when to abuse safe loops, knowledge of slingers trick shots) etc. 

Slinger has limits and requires a lot of skill to be played "perfectly" while also having many other weaknesses to balance out his strong chase power. He's a killer that was designed with the idea of beiing dominant at one aspect of gameplay if played well while beiing weaker in others. He isn't breaking the game even at chase so I truly don't think that reworking him would be justified.

These are ofc just my opinons as deathslinger main on controversy surrounding him. I might be wrong and devs might eventually increase his ADS or give him a rework but I personally don't think either is warranted. 


  • ShenaniganShenanigan Member Posts: 149
    edited September 28

    I feel like what they'll do to him would be inevitable. I just hope they don't nerf quickshots. It's satisfying to reel in Survivors out of exit gates because they chose to stay behind and do their victory dance, and while I don't mind it because they deserve to have their fun I do draw the line when it's been halfway through endgame collapse and they didn't take their leave. However I wouldn't mind his m2 spam to go. I just hope it won't kill him in a drastic way. Deathslinger is one of my favorite killers and he's my main. I welcome his tweak/nerf with open arms and I'll test him out and still try to play with him and adapt to the tweak as best as I can. But if aiming will have to take "x amount of seconds" before a shot can be made then that would discourage me from playing him because I like that surprise on Survivors and I like that when I play AGAINST him, but also because who has to wait a bit before they have to shoot their target? They could implement a blur mechanic just when you start aiming so quickshots can occur a little less. But I wouldn't be too big of a fan if it gives Survivors a notification on what you're about to do, because it loses the element of surprise when you catch them off by surprise.

  • KebekKebek Member Posts: 1,897

    I wouldn't be worry too much. Quickscopes are his main feature and as I said I really doubt devs will hard nerf or rework them. They are the main difference between him and huntress so changing them too much would just render deathslinger irrelevant causing him to never get played since he would lose his main advantage he has over huntress.

    Still, I can also agree that his M2 spam will eventually get nerfed, possibly with a change to his terror radius as well. Those are far more probable to happen then any nerfs to quickscoping.

  • CalamityJaneCalamityJane Member Posts: 487

    This doesn't even mention that his chain exists. Even if you want to cry "No CoUnTeRpLaY" because you can't dodge between the shot being fired and hitting you, you then have a huge window to move to the sides and break the chain. Your TEAMMATES can guarantee the chain breaks. Being shot isn't the same as being hatcheted and the chase is now over, you still have built in counterplay.

    The amount of people I see not even try to get behind objects is laughable.

    And if they do change him, he's still MEANT to hit shots. You aren't meant to be able to reliably dodge every attempt made by the killer same way you aren't meant to be able to 360 every swing. Just because he's ranged doesn't mean survivors should be intended to dodge 90% of hits.

  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 1,576

    Also, whenever people complain 'bout Deathslinger they always whine about the instant shots.

    To everyone crying bloody murder about it:

    Have you tried it yourself?

    People being able to pull those off have practice, be it through fps or playing deathslinger for quite some time. You are literally complaining that it's unfair to face a player who knows what they are doing.

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