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Frozen after faking an unhook

KyxlectKyxlect Member Posts: 230

This happened while I was playing as Jeff on Haddonfield versus a Freddy. Perks unknown. It happened yesterday or the day before, I would've reported it sooner but this section of the forum seemed to have connection issues and possibly still does (Got an error when I tried posting the Survivor Crouch bug and when I tried saving again I got a temp block for spam, so it was already posted).

What actually happened was after all the generators were started the Freddy hooked and face camped a Survivor. I hid around some bushes and rushed over when he got distracted for a moment but he came back so I tried to bait out a hit so I could unhook the Survivor. However, when I quickly tried to unhook the Survivor then cancel the action I was frozen in place. I couldn't move or do anything. This only happened once, but I don't attempt fake unhooks often so it could be a frequent issue.

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