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Stadia Very Difficult To Play On

Tried Stadia today, and I'm super excited. Especially if cross-progress with PS4 arrives. However it is VERY difficult to play. Some things that would help:

  • There is just enough delay with things that skill checks are way difficult.
  • I'm on a 65" 4K TV, and the skill check circle is VERY small. I couldn't imagine playing this on a smaller 4K TV. The ability to resize the skill check circle some would be greatly appreciated.

These comparisons are based on me playing for a few years on PS4 Pro.

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  • MisterCremasterMisterCremaster Member Posts: 614

    Just tried in on the computer via Chrome Browser. Not sure if this is a Stadia/Chrome issue or an issue in DbD, but there was a HUGE delay between my mouse movements and the response on screen. Basically rendering the game unplayable.

  • bloodshinebloodshine Member Posts: 6

    i have no issue with delay with kb/m & controller but your point of view about skill check circle is true , really tiny in a big screen as 65" :)

  • consignoconsigno Member Posts: 2

    For those of you having issues with Stadia input lag, check out the Stadia subreddit. There's plenty of people that will help you troubleshoot your computer settings. Stadia shouldn't have any noticeable lag or input delay if your connection is stable. High speed connections on Stadia are less important than a stable connection with low jitter.

  • dushudushu Member Posts: 4
    edited October 2020

    Same here:

    - Stadia on TV using Chromecast Ultra via ethernet and Stadia controller (wifi) = Lag in skill check

    - Stadia on Chrome Windows PC using same Stadia controller (wifi) = NO LAG

    Don't know why...

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  • dushudushu Member Posts: 4

    I tried DBD in 3 devices:

    - 4K TV * Chromecast Ultra * Stadia Pad (5G wifi) = Lag and almost imposible skill check

    - 1080 TV * Chromecast Ultra * Stadia Pad (5G wifi) = Little lag and slightly difficult skill check

    - PC monitor * Chrome Browser * Stadia Pad (5G wifi) = No lag and skill check as fast as PS4. IDEAL SITUATION

    I don't know why it's seems that resolution have something to say in this bug.

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