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Huntress Lullaby --- or when the devs decide to throw the dead horse into a wood chipper

I seriously don't understand what the thought process was for this nerf of one of the worst hex perks in the game. The only one that could possibly be worse is Third Seal but that's debatable. This perk is so non-threatening, that half the time I don't even bother cleansing it. All it does is force me to pay closer attention to the gen I'm working on. I still hit my skill checks, even when they are silent.

The only killer I ever ran the park on was Doctor because of his Madness skill checks. No one else could EVER make use of this perk. The fact that it affected all skill checks was part of its usefulness (rip Unnerving Presence by the way!)

What was the general rule for hex perks again? High-risk high-reward? What the hell is the reward for using this Perk? Especially one that needs tokens to get to full effectiveness? Why would I ever use this over the ruin undying combo? The whole point was that it affected ALL skill checks. That's what made it unique and SOMETIMES worth using.

Proposed changes:

  1. Remove token system and give it its full effectiveness (silent skill checks) right off the bat. This would make it comparable to ruin and able to be used with Undying.
  2. Allow it to affect ALL skill checks. This would make it unique and different from ruin I'm not just some ruin knock off.

This change will allow the perk be utilized by certain Killers very well. The silent skill checks will force survivors to pay very close attention to the gen that they're working on, allowing stealth Killers to have a better chance of getting the jump on them. The silent still checks will also buff other killers that rely on them like Doctor and Pig. It will also be a decent counter to decisive strike without disabling the perk completely while also buffing some terrible perks like Overcharge (ew). Good survivors will still hit these skill checks most of the time if they pay attention, but it makes it a lot harder.

Also please remember that this is a hex perk that can be completely disabled, so it deserves to be very strong.

If the PTB Huntress Lullaby makes it to live, there will literally be no reason to run this perk, even moreso than before. Dead horse will go into the wood chipper.

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