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Increasing base Gen Regression

With the nerf of pop I think we're going to get something thrown into full light with the low mobility killers. How completely pointless it is to kick gens. As a killer it wastes your precious time kicking a gen, a survivor can then walk in and stop the regression MID CHASE at almost zero risk. And you'll usually never get more than MAYBE 2-4 percent off a gen from kicking it normally. I think increasing base gen regression speed would be a good idea. And also make it so survivors have to stay on a gen for about 3-4 seconds to stop regression because being able to poke it to completely waste the time the killer spent is just absurd. Increasing the base gen regression speed would allow killers more pressure without actually having to increase the time spent on gens AND would make kicking gens actually worth a damn because as it stands without pop or something like Surveillance there is almost no point wasting time to kick a gen. I dunno man I just think it'd be a good change. Let me know what you guys think.


  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 4,799

    For a start, I think a healthy change would be that damaging a generator instantly regresses it 5% (base). Beyond that I'm not too sure about undoing damage by taking more time, although I understand the argument.

  • arcnkdarcnkd Member Posts: 446

    I've suggested for a while:

    Kicking generators should cause immediate regression the same way missing a skill check does. This not only stops Survivors 'stealthing' around the Generator to tap it, only to have it kicked again - because it starts quickly regressing far beyond what it is worth to stay by it; but also allows killers to apply a little bit more pressure when they do run Survivors off a generator instead of just oh he kicked it, let's tap it to stop regression.

    I've also suggested that in addition to this, regression should require 2 seconds of continual repair to stop, to further prevent 'tapping' a generator mid-chase or while passing through an area just to stop it from regressing.

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