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Hook rework to address tunneling/camping

DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,852

This might be an overhaul and change the game in a major way, but I think my idea would address tunneling perfectly without having perks to be changed to counter, what do you think about it? Also of course subject to adjustments, if the general idea works out anyway.

General idea in short:

Dont have every survivor have 3 personal hooks, but make it a trialwide hook count. Meaning, starting with the 9th hook, survivors are getting sacrificed

That might be a bit unfair regarding DS usage and Deliverance, or one guy being hooked 8 times might look strange. And on average the first kill is random-guess around 6th or 7th hook (I started to take stats on hooking order and kills, and so far 6-7 hooks until first death looks fine, but the "tunneling games" pull it down to like 5,8 atm).

So a change might be, start sacrificing on 6th or 7th hook because I think we can agree that killer games are almost lost or super stressfull when every survivor is on deathhook before anyone dies. BUT keep the struggling state requirement. Meaning, no matter how many hooks have been in game, if it is your first hook, you get to first stage and can kobe or use Deliverance for a minute. Every upcoming hook after that will put you into a minute struggling. And starting with the 7th hook in the trial, survivors that are already in struggling state will get sacrificed, also if it is the 2nd hook.

In addition to that, change Moris as well, to trigger on third hook. Still an increase of killing speed (probably) but gives survivors a fair amount of playtime, like the regular non-mori playtime. Moris might even work differently depending on rarity, like mori everyone on third hook (ebony), reduce hook count to 6 to start sacrifice (green) mori everyone after 7th hook (yellow)

What you think?


  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,852

    Some examples for change: if 7 hooks is the current average but people feel like 8 should be the min count, add some drawback on survivors for each time they got hooked. Like significantly longer time to heal this survivor. Or stuff like that

  • MadmanslimeMadmanslime Member Posts: 15

    In a perfect world where matchmaking puts players of equal skill together and no one throws, this would be great. Unfortunately, I don't think this could ever be pushed into the game because of bad player, throwers, and specific kill criterion (jigsaw traps exploding).

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,691

    You do know that could potentially increase the killers workload exponentially right.

    Especially when dealing with immersed survivors who just hide.

    In scenarios like that you'll usually before us to constantly keep chasing the same survivor who's not hiding and doing objectives over and over again.

    If even when you do get enough hooks to get them out of the game you still have to hook everybody else twice.

    This would also encourage people to make a really stupid plays without being punished especially when they know even if they've been hooked twice they have nothing to worry about out because there's still 3 or 4 universal hooks left

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,852

    I don't get the problem you mean with unequal skill and throwing games. Can you give an example? I get that jigsaw traps would need some special treatment

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,852
    edited October 3

    Not sure if this is correct. With the example of 7 hooks, you would go to a maximum of 13 hooks, if you REALLY hook the same guy 7 times in a row, which is pretty rare I would guess. At some point you should eventually get the guy that unhooked. And having the others hooked twice is not that much of a problem in your scenario, because apparently not many gens have been done and from that point it is 3v1

    Really stupid plays would work for the killer also, because the killer actually does not have to care who to chase. As long as you chase, you get progress on your objective. So your points don't seem like a problem imo, unless I get something wrong. Pls with example if this is the case.

    EDIT: I also don't get how this should be "exponentially". The hook count basically stays the same. As I said, average first kill is about 7th hook in non-tunnel games. And 12 hook 4k are also possible if you perform good. Just depends when the first kill happens in a 12 hook game

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