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No Mither - The Change That Works.

First off - quit being uncreative and lazy, BHVR. Stating "No Mither is only in the game to provide a hard mode" and that you "do not want it viable so you will never change it" is just lazy, lazy, lazy. The change is simple, easy, and No Mither would not become this meta-viable God that you apparently are so terrified of exisiting.

No Mither

Upon being hit by the Killer, you are immediately put into the dying state.

Dying state grunts of pain are reduced by 50% (Tier 3); you are able to recover from the dying state and immediately be put back into the healthy state (at which point, you will automatically be immediately downed upon being hit; as you are now).

You benefit from effects that require you to be injured at all times.

You leave no blood trail.

Biggest Change:

You show up as healthy state instead of needing to bother with gigantic-ass Red Flag that signals every Killer in the game - hey target me, I'm an easy down. As a downside to this, you also do not make grunts of pain constantly, so the change to injured noises was changed to dying state grunt noises.

You can run No Mither with perks like Resilience and This is Not Happening and still receive the benefits, because for all intents and purposes, you are injured. Literally the only thing this change really does is make Killers have to pay attention to what Survivor is immediately being downed when they are hit - instead of relying on the Broken flag to tell them right off the bat.

The perk does not become any more 'Meta' just because the Killer has to actually work and think more.

You are still an easy down. You still effectively only have one health state; smart Killers will remember your character (only made slightly harder to do when it is the 'toxic' SWF groups that run identical characters so you never know who you are running into).

The hardest part of this change is not having Injured sounds to guide Killers to your early-game demise because you chose to run a perk that the Devs wasted a damn slot for with the intent to never make it functional for normal gameplay. That is just... poor game design and a red flag you couldn't get creative enough to think of another perk to fit David's theme of being an aggressive/fighter-type, so you "Excused" yourself by saying it is a 'hard mode' that you don't have to touch.

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