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Ok be honest, how often do you really get camped or tunneled ?



  • EarthwormjimEarthwormjim Member Posts: 1

    Playing with my purple/red rank survivor friends not much. Like the occasional wraith or ghost face who'll just hide near hooks to get incoming survivors (really wish bt relied on range instead of terror radius)

    But when it comes to my rank 16-20 friends who play only occasionally, holy #########. It's easily 80% of the games that I'll see this. Not even like camping around the hooks, they just stand there right in front of you waiting for you to die. And if it's not that it'll be moris and tunneling. I get the point a lot of people make about chasing weak survivors (I myself am red rank) but these killers will give up free hits on multiple survivors that are right in front of them trying to take a hit just to mori people out of games.

    A lot of people saying it's not really a serious issue don't get that for casual players who don't play it all he time the game is ruined 80% of the time with literal face camping and tunneling. The difference is quite jarring when I solo or play with red rank friends compared to playing with rank 18ish friends.

  • Nogun61Nogun61 Member Posts: 5

    As a survivor main, I get tunneled almost every game (like 8/10 times). I'm around green ranks to be fair.

    Also for reference I get face camping killers at average around 1/3 to 1/2 the time, depends on the day.

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 2,117

    9/10 games me or anyone on my Team gets camped, tunneled or slugged. And in 8/9 of these games i can guess the nation of the killer. Also watching several streamers at the same time showing off nearly the same results. Its just annoying to play on the german EU servers.

  • EmealEmeal Member Posts: 1,106

    1/20, but I also really good at hiding.

  • KellieKellie Member Posts: 1,328

    I got a LF that facecamped someone, and a trapper that camped someone to death back to back.

  • Murd3rousClyd3Murd3rousClyd3 Member Posts: 71

    So as a killer main, I rarely see people camping. While I think it's a strategy, I think it's a poor strategy, and I don't use it.

    But I've ran into a few campers that also tunnel, just today. It is always either a stealth killer (I'm looking at you, Wraith)... Or Bubba. Literally just had back to back matches with a camping/tunneling Wraith then Bubba.

    It was ridiculous, and is exactly why I main killer and only play survivor for challenges.

  • ThatsSoKelsoThatsSoKelso Member Posts: 21

    Oh i get the tunnelers constsntly. The face campers come when they get mad at me for being a survivor and RUNNING. Im gonna try to outrun you an juke you while you're trying to kill me bruh...lol but they take it all hard thst you doing what you supposed to do an running trying to avoid them an they get you an face camp you. The tunnelers are literally almost every game tho. They hook you an the second you unhooked they hot on your ass because they do loops around to wait for someone to try to save you. I play both killer an survivor but as the killer I try to play fair an be fun. Give the players a chance to do something. If someken was hooked an let off i dont chase them cuz they the one hurt I go for whoever helped them off so they have a chance to play too. Not everyone is like that tho. Its "try hards" at its finest

  • DWolfAlphaDWolfAlpha Member Posts: 927

    Last night, about a third of the games I played, the killer tunneled and/or camped. Whether it was the nurse that constantly left and teleported back repeatedly, the hag that refused to chase anyone away from a hook after teleporting to her phantasm, the pig that crouched behind a fence, or the Ghostface that hooked me up on a hill and just walked around me until I died.

  • MLG360ProscoperMLG360Proscoper Member Posts: 4

    Face camping? Barely a problem for me, like once a week maybe a little more? Tunneling? Several times a day, sometimes several games in a row. They need to make tunneling more penalizing. I know, I know ds, and I run it, but sometimes I run them for it's duration and sometimes I already used it. Like fr please bhvr

  • quazzi76quazzi76 Member Posts: 77

    I am 2months into DBD, first posting, and play as a killer. As far as camping in front of a hook - beginners trying to get an understanding of the game. I camped a lot. Why not? As a killer it is your job to kill. Most hunter/killers wait for their prey to die watching them. If it also brings you more prey, then bonus. After awhile I learned that some people care about team mates and others did generators only. I switched my tactics to hook n leave. I only return if i am short ways away and they get unhooked. As far as chasing, if you want to play ring around the rosy - I leave you alone. Other players to chase and just ignore the hell out of you.

    The most bs part is survivor's tea bagging at the end. That is when I would have liked to camp that player and slash the heck out of them on the hook. The other part is if you get hit in that end gate you shouldn't be able to move to the exit. That is crap. I would give if you can crawl across the first gate I would say that you can crawl to second. Hanging around just to taunt should be a penalty.

  • filipscaryfilipscary Member Posts: 4

    I play survivor in the solo queue, maybe like 10 out of 20 games i play either me or other people would be tunneled/camped and sometimes even more than that. Of course there would be days when none of this would happen and i must say that i cherish those moments.

  • self_healerself_healer Member Posts: 28

    Well... I mean quite a bit every day, but it's mainly those games where I barely even did anything for some reason, but they were leather faces, and tunneled because I was actually using my brain besides most times and think about my loops and pallets, which is just a few stuns which I still don't understand why it's happening, anyone else?

  • Psycho_Psycho_ Member Posts: 306
    edited October 2020

    If it is a console killer, 90% of the time me/my team gets camped and tunneled. I don't know why this is, but other have confirmed that on console its a rampant problem and common. Now that console killers are in the mix, its more and more common to get camped and tunneled. What's amazing to me... is a red rank console killers can just face camp with hag/spirit and rank up... I wish hard resets still happened for ranks, but I digress.

    Furthermore, the auto aim and latency issues I notice with console killers is ridiculous. I can be miles away from pallets/windows vaults and I get hit. I can throw pallets early and still get hit.

    I personally don't run ds or exhaustion perks, because I think they are cheap and require no skill. So I just die.

  • unluckycombounluckycombo Member Posts: 559

    I've been tunneled more then camped. Sad part is, it would always happen when I did an Up the Ante+Slippery Meat kobe without DS...

    I've only been hard camped outside of EGC or basement a few times- and most of them tended to be Onis for some reason.

    Tunneling is a lot more common. While it definitely doesn't happen every game, it happens enough to be annoying. While it doesn't happen to me personally very often, I see it happen to teammates constantly. Whether it be someone from my SWF, or randos, tunneling is common.

    I have noticed though that it usually happens the most to the weak links of teams. People who aren't good at looping tend to get tunneled more then good runners. I'm assuming it's just a case of wanting to get them out of the game early because it's easy to do gens and it saves you time as killer- but it does suck for the guy it happens to. I've had games and seen games where the Survivor won't even get over 5k points when they die because they were tunneled to death without DS.

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,613

    Camping does happen to me, but rarely. I don't consider patrolling an area around me to spot for survivors, or chasing survivors who hang around the hook as camping. I've been face-camped exceptionally rarely, and one time I fully deserved it.

    Tunnelling does happen, and the tendency for it being more often done by newer players getting used to the game, or during the end game - both of which I can understand. On the rare occasion I'm tunneled by a more experienced individual it's annoying.

    However, whatever happens, being bitter in post-chat about it is absolutely pointless; making the Killer laugh and only making the tunneled individual more angry. Best to accept it and move on.

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 7,127

    I wonder how many people who pretty much never play survivor upvoted that second post.

    Getting proxy camped, hard camped or tunneled are a regular occurrence. Do they happen every game? No. Every other game? No. Do they always happen to ME personally in the trial? No. Is it always to be toxic? No, sometimes it's the smartest move that killer could make. But they happen plenty. Suggesting they rarely happen is pretty absurd, IMO. Sometimes you log in to play and it's the very first 1 or 2 matches straight you get tunneled or camped and it's enough to shut the game off for the day.

    And claiming 99% of toxicity comes from survivors is some extreme bias. But you do you. Easy upvotes on this forum.

  • PrissyCoyotePrissyCoyote Member Posts: 10

    I main survivor and I don't do any of the teabagging, flashlight, etc.. I just end up running the killer for a long time. But when I'm finally hooked 8/10 killers will tunnel, and 3/10 will camp. It's very annoying, I get why but like I'm just trying to survive my guy. Also about 1/10 will dc because they chased me for 4 gens, sometimes not even that.

  • quazzi76quazzi76 Member Posts: 77

    I read that a lot of you complain about the killer camping or tunneling you. Have you stopped to consider the reason the killers probably do it? Is it because the killers are tired of the idiots whom play "RING-AROUND-THE-ROSIE". Idiots who like to taunt at the end of the game instead of going threw the gate waiting till the last second. If the survivors want to play "ASSININE" so should the killers. Camping and Tunneling to bad, stop screwing with the killer and the killers might stop screwing with you. But hey it is easier to complain and whine that someone is ruining your day by not playing fair though right?

  • AncilleAncille Member Posts: 37

    Tunneled fairly frequently (I also take a lot of hits for people and play like a bodyguard so I somewhat expect it), but rarely face camped unless its endgame and I'm the only one on hook. This is also red rank yoloqueue, I rarely ever SWF.

  • LuffyBlackLuffyBlack Member Posts: 595

    I think the last time I was tunneled was a month ago and the match was a breeze. I ran the killer around while I was high on two edibles, my muscle memory go me through the entire thing and gens popped off left and right.

  • ClaudettegetsnoBPSClaudettegetsnoBPS Member Posts: 16

    I get tunneled when I pallet slam a baby, but otherwise it's kinda rare, though I'm a k main so I've definitely "tunneled" several times but maybe like 1/25 games. Yes I'm a bit of a pos but that neah deserved it God damnit.

  • redsopine00redsopine00 Member Posts: 905

    Oh I get it a bit mostly wraith's or bubba's sometimes I understand it when I've looped them so much once the got me there like nah your not wasting my time again.

    Others just are being dicks

  • hillbillyclaudmain69hillbillyclaudmain69 Member Posts: 1,528

    Most games I'm facecamped. I get a 3 to 5 gen run so they kind of have to though.

  • SpookyPumpkinPiezSpookyPumpkinPiez Member Posts: 260

    Rank 3 survivor (I don't do any annoying flashlight clicking or t bagging) and I get camped I'd say maybe 1/4 games and tunneled 2/4 games. I'm a Blendette though so maybe they don't want to lose track of me. Also just to clarify what I mean, I count camping as in the killer stands right infront of you and doesn't move at all. Tunneling I count as when you are unhooked and a killer goes after you straight away, hooks you, waits until someone unhooks you, then hooks you again right away

  • JephKaplanJephKaplan Member Posts: 308

    Speaking from my experience on EU rank 1 survivor i get tunneled in 3/5 games on average, in purple i get tunneled a bit less maybe about 1 or 2/5 anything after purple is basically either 4/5 or 5/5 camping especially becomes worse and more often in lower ranks but red ranks tunnel the ######### out of 1 person and thats most of the time me after looping them for 2 to 3 gens on average then for the rest of the gens once i get unhooked and they come after me again

  • SypherpathicSypherpathic Member Posts: 489

    I am this player. I'm just bad so far at chases. I sometimes run into the killer or look back and then run into something while looking back. Getting better at being chased is a sloooooow process for me. I play with my wife and she is much better at it. I tend to try to play more stealth and go for more Borrowed Time unhooks but if the killer catches me, it's usually a pretty rapid progression to end of match for me.

    Sometimes I curse the killer as a tunneler but... killers should do what they need to in order to win, so <shrug>.

  • PrissyCoyotePrissyCoyote Member Posts: 10

    I understand why they do it but not everyone is like that. I understand that some people are rude but not everyone is, to go and tunnel automatically even if nothing has happened is that person being toxic first. Or having a good killer do it is just something else, like they don't need to do so why do it? When I play killer and I know I can easily win against survivors I just mess with them entire game, I don't tunnel and camp them. Also when the killer ends up chasing me the entire match and doesn't get a kill I'll let them kill me. Everyone I play with thinks I play weirdly but I'm just trying to be nice, except for the chasing part I don't know how I run weirdly but they say I do.

  • ArasthmasArasthmas Member Posts: 15

    I like to spread the love when I play killer. I chase and smack a survivor, move on. Sometimes I get a fast hook and move on, come back when they get unhooked. Hook them again and then leave them alone most of the game until I have at least one hook on everyone. I have the bad game here and there where the survivors gen rush me hard, I get one survivor on the hook as the final gen is popped and sit on them so I can have at least one kill. What's wrong with that? I am all of a sudden a "****ing camper" and get degraded by the survivors for securing one score at the very end. I run into so many toxic SWF or midrank solos who seem to have it out for the killer and aren't interested in everyone having fun just winning at all costs. I hate the game for that... Even if I am solo queuing on the survivors side... There are very few red ranks that I come across that I find to be toxic or super sweaty. It's typically from purple/green rank killers and survivors that I see most of the issues.

  • SMitchell8SMitchell8 Member Posts: 2,016

    Camping is barely an issue for me. At rank 18-20 it's common, but im passed those ranks by some margin.

    Tunneling is far more common, id say every 3 or 4 games a killer tunnels me or my teammates. Just played against a rank 13 wraith who tunneled all 4 players, 1 at a time

  • Raz_Raz_ Member Posts: 296

    a lot.. but its my fault im looping sometimes just too good and when 3 gens pop after my first chase the killer just proxy camps me.. i need to stop to loop killers lol

    tunneling is a different story.. from killer to killer its very different. some days i get tunneled 9/10 matches in a row and some days its 1/10 matches in a row.

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