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Otz's community balance patch



  • KharKhar Member Posts: 413

    Hex Undying needs to be left out of that write up. I 100% disagree with him on wanting to nerf it. Same with NOED. This might be because I've played this game for 4 years, but I feel it's in a perfect spot right now. Survivors are starting to do totems more often now and those that don't usually book it out the match because they may expect it coming. Either way, it's something survivors (I assume anyway) have learned to properly combat.

  • CallmehandsomeCallmehandsome Member Posts: 425

    DS is getting nerfed whatever you like it or not, too many people are advocating for it. There are multiple devs saying when they released it that it should be anti tunneling perk. Scott jund proves that in his videos as well. So you cannot now flip flop that it was never anti tunneling perk.. old new was also anti momentum perk 😂😂

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 1,254

    Games can die when they listen to their community. The community doesn't always know best.

    Lets assume the devs listens to all the entitled killers and once again nerfs DS for its very so slight anti-momentum effects of a killer trying to killrush, then they need to explain to everyone why killers have a zillion anti-momentum, anti-objective perks, and nerfing an anti-momentum survivor perk when killrates are so astonishingly high.

  • CallmehandsomeCallmehandsome Member Posts: 425

    Anti momentum perks are fine, for both. But they NEED some effort to make them work. DS reguires literally nothing other than get hooked (failing) here get this free 60 second immunity. It's badly designed perk, just like NOED currently is. People advocating that DS is balanced are obviously biased. Most killer stalling perks require you to do something, because passively they do nothing. The perk you disliked so much tinkerer does nothing if killer doesn't act on it, there are multiple limitations unlike DS has. So i hope they rework perks like Noed, DS, OoO in the future

  • AldoferAldofer Member Posts: 421

    what no only tinker, ruin, pop, C intervention, undying are unfair, ds is fair and counter tunneling, of course it may be a bit too stong but saying that it should be completly nerf is stupid

  • FregglesFredFregglesFred Member Posts: 205

    DS does need a change.

    It isn't an anti-tunnel perk. Not at all. It's a perk where you deny anything and can do whatever the hell you want for 60 seconds. Killer comes near while you're fully healed, and you jumped in a locker at last second, boom. You just got outplayed.

    It isn't anti tunnel. There is one way to make it less anti-tunnel. I agree with the DS change.

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,722

    You my friend are trying to convince a brick wall they're not going to change their bias stance

  • MrSmashemMrSmashem Member Posts: 60

    I disagree with the DS timer stopping during chase/slug. If you decide to heal 50 ft from a hook and I see you with Nurses, or you just straight up decide to heal in my face, I shouldn't be punished for downing you. I shouldn't, as a Killer, be forced to just let you walk away because DS will stay up otherwise.

    If you unhook and have any doubts about whether the Killer is going to come back to investigate, you should be getting to a safe location to heal. And I can imagine, if the timer did freeze, getting into stupid scenarios like going on long chases with DS on 29/30 seconds and still getting DS'd because it didn't hit the full duration.

    I think any kind of freezing is a bad idea.

  • DanoobielDanoobiel Member Posts: 4

    I think Otz and his community proposed changes would make the game better with little changes.

    DS + Locker is down right dumb and infuriating. The real problem with DS is the counterplay, if we can even call it that, the slugging. I don't want to lie on the ground for two minutes because the killer is afriad that I run DS. When I play killer I don't want to leave people on the ground and have to run a timer for every survivor to know when thier DS ends. This is a Lose / Lose Situation.

    The buffs to Clown and Mikey's early game are no brainers.

    As are the changes to the key skins and survivor skins. The Broken key should be broken. No Clones.

    Ruin + Undying gives too much slowdown, to the point the better SWF now bring maps and Detectiv's Hunch to counter it.

    OoO is totally broken on SWF with coms, you basicly have no choice but to tunnel the OoO user out of the game or have everything you do being called out thanks to wallhacks. If the OoO user is competent... good luck with that.

    Iridescent head is broken. There are people that normally don't play Huntress but sink all their BP into her to have an easy time ranking up. So they only play her with Iridescent head. It's foolproof.

    Spirit needs better counterplay. Heck, she needs ANY counterplay.

    There are many more propsed changes, you can check out the vid on his youtube, if you are interrested.

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,722

    That really didn't addressed what I said in the post.

    Ds suggested change doesn't think the main problem with it well yes the locker tech is annoying it is nowhere near the main problem with ds.

    I didn't mention having a problem with the clown or Myers change so I don't know why it's relevant

    My problem with his suggested change for Undying was that it would ruin the point of it being a gamble insurance perk. The only thing you really need to do with Undying is remove the Aura reading and give it to Thrill of the hunt instead.

    This make Undying a passive totem protection however it's a gamble because Undying might be cleansed first.

    This also turns thrill of the hunt into something that she will use for active totem protection the slowdown and aura reading will allow you to do the job of defending the Perk but you're the one that has to put in the work for it.

    That changed Undying will make sure it doesn't do too much and will also help you with the counter of cleansing dull totems without having your aura seen.

    I mention nothing to do with keys or or object of obsession so I don't know why it's relevant for you to bring it up

    In fact to save me the time of constantly typing out I never mentioned it so I don't know why you're bringing it up up I'll leave it with this I only had a problem with the way he handled decisive strike, Noed and Undying outside of that I think the changes are perfectly fine.

    I watch Otz regularly

  • PyroGLPyroGL Member Posts: 222

    The fact that anyone engaged in a conversation with someone who thinks DS and Tinkerer are equivalent perks is laughable. DS is worth a health state, value that tinkerer doesn't come even close to giving.

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