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Issues with both launch and gameplay

Al_h3enAl_h3en Member Posts: 1

So there's 2 main issues i'm experiencing. One is that about 80% of the time I will launch the game and the 'stem offline' message will appear, yet this issue isn't present on any other steam game. Verifying the game files, clearing steam files and all other methods i've seen aren't changing the frequency of the message.

There's an odd pickup glitch where the killer picks you up but you just float in the air - he can't drop, and you can recover/spin around but your hitbox stays attached to the killer and you can do nothing except bleed out. The killer is locked into this as well, and cannot do anything except carry attack until the carried survivor dies (forced grab releases, such as pallet stuns, don't work)

(Edit: it's in the wrong category and idk how to change it, sorry)

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