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FPS at an all time low and something needs to be done

fizeyfizey Member Posts: 13

I play on PC and sometimes the FPS are good and most of the time it's bad this game is in dire need of a huge optimization update. People that use the low graphic setting should not have the updated pallet/lockers we need to have the old ones. My computer isn't the best but it definitely isn't the worst it used to be able to run Dead by Daylight at around 120fps before the new engine came along.

Yet they keep remastering maps and people with these fps issues are left in the dark because you get 'it's just your specs' even though those with high end pc's get under 60 fps on maps like preschool or yamaoka. I can't find the devs mentioning the noticeable drop in fps after the graphics overhaul which worries me :(

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