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Anyone else wanna see a vampire or werewolf?

GHOSTfaceP3GHOSTfaceP3 Member Posts: 1,163

We have the demo skeleton now so a werewolf is possible ... I’m just honestly surprised neither have been added in the 4 years that dbd has been out


  • ButtercakeButtercake Member Posts: 1,656
    edited October 13

    My friend, Terry told me that Blight was actually a werewolf! I was so stoked. But then it turned out that Terry lied...

    I want a wolfie so bad....

    Please BHVR give Blight a legendary werewolf skin. I want Michael Landon , I Was A Teenage Werewolf skin...

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  • GhostMaceNotCrustyGhostMaceNotCrusty Member Posts: 176


  • VolantConch1719VolantConch1719 Member Posts: 915

    I would absolutely love to see a werewolf. I think there's quite a bit of room to work with here.

    I don't exactly have the best opinion on the stereotypical vampire. I just find the classic Dracula-type vampire to be basic and boring. A nonstandard variation on the classic vampire would be welcome, or something like a Jiangshi, but Dracula is too easy to fall back on.

  • Get_Beaned_B0IGet_Beaned_B0I Member Posts: 106

    Dead by daylight: The Twilight Chapter

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