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Banned and lost rank game froze

Uhh I just went from a 6 to a 9 and was banned for the game freezing on me. This is not my fault. Why am I being penalized for this? If this continues I’m done. I’m not paying money for this. It’s a game. Come on.


  • DjShIzzDjShIzz Member Posts: 7

    Are you playing as meg? I played for almost three straight days grinding and had absolutely no problems or freezing until I started using meg. 2 crashes right when the match starts in out of three games. I get penalized and lose rank too. I don't understand how they can't implement an algorithm to differ between an actual quitter vs a disconnect. Hunt Showdown does this exactly rather accurately might I add too. I swear to GOD if I get to red rank and I start crashing and losing my rant because of it, I'm leaving this game in the trash.

  • EllistraeEllistrae Member Posts: 11

    Same. The game has crashed on me twice today and I have gotten matchmaking penalties from it. If the game can't distinguish between someone quitting and someone's game crashing, turn off the disconnection penalties. It's not fair to those of us who DON'T DC but are subjected to penalties because the game is unstable.

  • IgbylucyIgbylucy Member Posts: 8

    4 days later the game last night was unplayable. Everyone was DCing. I counted about 5 games in a row. I just turned it off and went to bed. Complete waste of my time.

  • DeathKillerDeathKiller Member Posts: 1

    Honest to god i enjoy this game, but ive gotten 2 24 hour bans because my game froze then crashed. Its not exactly motivating im trying so hard to not uninstall, but one more and im out.

  • cindlemaincindlemain Member Posts: 54

    My friends and I are having the same problem expecally with the new update. One buddy is on the PS4, my self on the xbox and the others on computer. All of us had game crashes and weird errors that caused us to disconnect from the match and all of us ended up with disconnect penalties.

    My buddy on the PS4 ended up with an 1 hour ban because he was determined to play last night since he paid for the rift. But every other game had something happen where the game crashed, he was streaming and we could see the issue every time. I myself quit after the third time and a half an hour penalty.

    We've all paid for the new rift, we all love this game, we are all for the disconnect penalty because often we play solo or duo and having people disconnect because they don't like the map/killer/whatever sucks, but until the game is fixed to not crash so much, be able to tell when someone is having bad ping, and other general errors maybe remove the penalty please.

  • demontademonta Member Posts: 4

    Well I payed for Special edition and every DLC. Over 100$ worth. And server crash and now I'm on a 24 hrs ban. And no way to appeal it.

  • cindlemaincindlemain Member Posts: 54

    Not at the 24 hour ban yet, but I feel you on this. I bought the special edition, did the last rift, bought this rift and I have all the character except Leatherface. Kind of regretting spending the money now and get my friends to do the same.

  • Ms_Green44Ms_Green44 Member Posts: 8

    This has happened to me as well, I understand the need for it but I don’t think you should be penalized when the game freezes. I don’t have bad internet either. It was meant to work for people who dc, not those who can’t help what the game does.

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