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DBD Teachable Perk Unlock Guide For Killers

DreamnomadDreamnomad Member Posts: 1,680

I'm going to provide a guide for new killers to follow to unlock perks. This is information that I wish someone had provided me when I was new. The way this game is set up, you can really screw yourself long term by just unlocking teachable perks in a random or half-hazard way. If you follow this guide then you will greatly increase your chances of getting good perks on your bloodweb and avoid "muddying the waters" with mediocre or bad perks. You will notice that the first 2 killers are ones that you will have to purchase individually. My recommendation is to just buy them and not wait for an indefinite period of time for their god perks to show up on the shrine.

Step 1: Play Cannibal. DO NOT UNLOCK KNOCK OUT. Unlock Barbecue & Chili and Franklin's Demise.
Step 2: Play Hag. DO NOT UNLOCK HEX: THE THIRD SEAL. Unlock Hex: Ruin. If you don't really enjoy playing the Hag then you can stop once you get Hex: Ruin. But if you do like her then proceed to unlocking Hex: Devour Hope. Once you have both Barbecue & Chili (BBQ henceforth) and Hex: Ruin (Ruin henceforth), then your build path opens up to personal preference. I'll go in the order that I think is smartest though.
Step 3: Play Trapper. DO NOT UNLOCK AGITATION. Now there are plenty of people who might try to argue this point. They are wrong. If you want to ensure that you can get survivors hooked then just use Iron Grasp which is a default perk unlocked. Unlock Unnerving Presence and Brutal Strength (BS henceforth). BS is a core perk that you will want to run on many killers that don't have a way to avoid pallets.
Step 4: Play Hillbilly. DO NOT UNLOCK LIGHTBORN. You already have Franklin's Demise to use against flashlights. Unlock Enduring and Tinkerer. Enduring is great anti-pallet tech and helps some against decisive strike.
Step 5: Play Clown. DO NOT UNLOCK COULROPHOBIA. It's not an awful perk honestly, but we don't want to long term muddy up perk list with mediocre perks. Unlock Bamboozle and Pop Goes the Weasel (PGTW henceforth).
Step 6: Play Doctor. DO NOT UNLOCK OVERWHELMING PRESENCE. Unlock Monitor & Abuse (M&A henceforth) and Overcharge. At this point you are only missing A Nurse's Calling and Make Your Choice (MYC henceforth) from what I would consider a perfect bloodweb. If you don't plan on playing Nurse or Pig then I would try to pick up those perks from the Shrine at your leisure.

Step 7 and Beyond. The following killers do not have perks worth unlocking: Wraith, Huntress, Shape, and Nightmare. Going forward if you like the killers then I will recommend one perk from each to not unlock.
Nightmare: This is a special case. All of his perks are mediocre imho, but they also have a place. Fire Up is kind of garbage by itself, but it stacks nicely with BS and Bamboozle. Alternatively, Blood Warden and Remember Me both go towards a late game build and stack nicely with each other. Personally, I think building towards the late game is a bad idea in general because of how snowbally the game is. By the time you get to this stage of the game you should know your personal preferences and make the decision yourself. Honestly, my recommendation is to just not unlock Freddy at all, but if you are going to anyway then I wouldn't unlock bloodwarden.

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