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Pig buff/rework Suggestion

Mr.FlexOGMr.FlexOG Member Posts: 27
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So pig isn't unusable by any measure, she might be the best at stalling the game which is one of the most important things a killer can do, and she has a tiny bit of everything else even if she is the worst at those things. The main issue she has however is simply the fact that her power that comes in two parts, one part is very situationally useful and more often than not detrimental when used improperly (which is in most circumstances) and unnecessarily difficult to use when the situation calls for it, and the other is completely RNG, ranging from powerful to outright useless depending on the luck of the survivor.

I will now get to my suggestions. Two suggestions for each power, one a small change and the other an outlandish and drastic change.



First I will talk about Amanda's Crouch and Ambush.

When I first started using Pig I pretty much never crouched at all because it is extremely difficult to use and doing it at the wrong time hurts you in the long run. Not to mention sneaking up on someone with spine chill only results in you wasting time.

My first suggestion to boost the power up is to increase the duration of the dash from 2.5 seconds to a much larger 4 seconds. I know this is drastic but the roar shouldn't be changed IMO as the entire point of it is for it to give survivors time to make their exit strategy BEFORE it's too late. However, what it actually does is make ambushing from any distance more than 5 meters away from the survivor frequently ineffective depending on the strength of the terrain around them. Getting this close is honestly unlikely so the best thing to do is to increase the duration so the pig can see what the survivor is doing and then use the additional time to maneuver their way into slashing range. I also suggest as part of the same buff that the pigs FOV is increased during her ambush as she moves very fast and it is very easy for survivors to tech or juke her during her ambush.

My more radical suggestion would be to first of all, give ambush about a 30 second or lower cooldown, increase the amount of time it takes to charge the ambush from 1 second to anywhere between 2-4 seconds and then buff it considerably by allowing her to move at increased speed while charging it and allowing her to grab a survivor specifically while she is charging her ambush. She would move at about 4.8 m/s while charging. Here is what makes it radical however. Allow her to cancel the ambush while she's charging it, this would immediately put her back to her default move speed but she would not be able to attack for another 1.3 seconds. This would put the move on cooldown, maybe a reduced cooldown, however full cooldown would also be reasonable. This way, once the roar is heard by survivors, the pig comes charging towards them but can't hit them, if they get spooked and try to vault a wall or pallet then they get grabbed but otherwise they have to show their hand to the pig while the pig is moving towards them by choosing a direction. The pig then gets to ambush them while knowing what direction they are heading in rather than having to guess their exact location and what direction they will run in.

Next I will talk about the Reverse Bear Trap.

First of all, no matter what, this needs to be implemented. Closing the hatch activates reverse bear traps. Yes this means that if the last survivor has a trap on their head, they are almost certainly going to die. That's too bad. It is a far better alternative to making her trap completely useless just because she hooked three suriviors before the gens were done. That is a punishment for doing well.

Appart from that, my first suggestion is to make Rule set 2 always in effect until they search their first jigsaw box and that the first jigsaw never has the key in it. This does mean that the survivor has to waste 12 seconds on a box they know isn't going to take the helmet off, however I think this is a fair situation for the survivor to be in as the have plenty of time to easily search 2 or 3 boxes, even if they aren't rushing. It's a big buff but I think that honestly it's a buff the perk needs.

My more radical suggestion for RBT is the survivor icons have little boxes under them that tell the pig which boxes they have already searched. The pig will not get this information immediately, they will get it 10 seconds after the survivor has searched the box OR after they look at the box while within 20 meters of it, which every comes first. The boxes will have a symbol or colored dot on them so that the pig upon looking at them knows which box it is, they will not be able to tell simply by looking at the boxes aura. This way, the more boxes the survivor searches, the less boxes Amanda has to patrol. The more survivors with a RBT on their head, the harder it is for Amanda to keep track. I would also suggest that Amanda's secret upon revealing a survivor when they take off their trap also make them exposed for 60 seconds. This would make it a powerful purple add-on while also giving suriviors a reason not to heal while wearing the trap which is (sorry for revealing the secret guys) exactly what the pig wants. Experienced Pig mains probably won't like this one all that much I'll admit.

Thank you if you've taken the time to read this long ass post. I'd love to hear your feedback. Especially from other Pig mains. "Once you go pig, your dick is real big. "

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  • Mr.FlexOGMr.FlexOG Member Posts: 27

    I should specifiy that each of these suggestions is a one or the other situation. So I'm not suggestion both ambush buffs and both RBT buffs at the same time. Only one of each.

  • ZFennecFoxZFennecFox Member Posts: 391

    To be honest just remove the survivors ability to see Jigsaw boxes. I find its more of a nuisance that after the trap is on their head they can just ping pong between boxes while you focus on gens.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 453

    I'd love to see Pig get a hefty movement speed increase while crouching and for her addons to get some love.

    That said, keep in mind that the devs insist that Pig is actually excellent and that literally nobody knows how to play her right.

  • tylxr_jaytylxr_jay Member Posts: 76

    not being able to see the boxes at all would be completely gamebreaking. especially if you just got unhooked ands your injured running around the map with an active bear rtap. it would just be running around guessing where to go and on larger maps it would be physically impossible.

    Although however i do believe the boxes should only be shown to survivors once the traps are active. so basically rule set no. 2 at basekit.

    she def needs an addon rework aswell

  • Withered8Withered8 Member Posts: 340

    I like some of your ideas but ur radical ideas are a bit over the top. Being able to charge ambush without any slowdown would probably lead to a pyramid head type situation where there's nothing you can do as survivor, although i like the idea of a much longer ambush which should definitely happen. For your radical idea for the rbt's that would lead to so many situations where pigs would just camp the last box so the survviors were guaranteed to die. I honestly think the rng element should just be nerfed and you shouldn't be able to take off the hat at your first or second box.

  • ZFennecFoxZFennecFox Member Posts: 391
    edited October 17

    Okay and as a killer you want people to have a chance to get fully healed and ping pong between your boxes. No thinking about it logically you want to install as much fear in survivors as possible its how they make mistakes. 2 minutes is more than enough time if your focused on what you have to do to remove the bear trap and you the Killer gain the bonus of having other survivors trying to help them locate the boxes that it slows gen progression even more.

    Killers right now lack that fear aspect only a few Killers have the ability to terrify survivors into making mistakes. I honestly believe that removing the white aura's from them won't effect highly skilled players and SWF The only people this will hurt is the solo survivors and not even by that much the boxes have white faced doll sitting on them there not that hard to miss.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    RS2 base is a terrible idea. It forces survivors towards generators.

    I like the idea of the first box not having the key as it is now guaranteed time for the Pig.

    Hatch activating traps isn't really necessary but I do like it. As an experienced Pig though, if someone has a trap and you close hatch, you're doing it wrong.

    Super in need of changing half the add-ons, but other than that it's small number tweaks to her base kit that's needed.

  • DaKnightDaKnight Member Posts: 336

    I think they should just make the boxes a bit less RNG. You have 4 traps. One will be removed on first attempt, one will be removed on second attempt, one on the third, etc. So it's RNG if you get a deadly trap or an easy one, making them still very threatening to have on you, but a bit less random game-to-game if your power is going to be RNG mori's or do nothing.

    Tampered timer + jigsaw's sketch is literally a set and forget mori in the current state of the game. It is the pigs greatest strength, and needs to be considered before any buff to her.

  • Mr.FlexOGMr.FlexOG Member Posts: 27

    "Being able to charge ambush without any slowdown would probably lead to a pyramid head type situation where there's nothing you can do as survivor."

    That would depend on their environment, current position and how fast they react to the roar. It wouldn't be a no win in the majority of circumstances. IMO that is entirely fair considering they are being ambushed. It gives them more intensive to take things slow and keep and eye out and most of all to always play with the knowledge that at any time they can be ambushed by the Pig. If they play with that in mind they will always keep their escape options in mind.

  • Mr.FlexOGMr.FlexOG Member Posts: 27

    "RS2 base is a terrible idea."

    RS2 literally just until they search one box. This is just so it take a little bit longer for them to find the first box instead of getting off the hook then heading right to the closest box. Maybe it might cause them to head to a further box because they know where that one is. RS2 lasting until they search one box doesn't convince them to just do generators.

  • JustalittlepeeckJustalittlepeeck Member Posts: 817

    IMO Pig EITHER needs a complete rework or major buffs&fixes to her flawed traps&ambush -

    • An ability to activate RBT yourself. It could be tampering with generator to slightly increase its progress at cost of activating all RBT or simply make them active from the beginning but increase the timer
    • Survivor should suffer damage from Jigsaw boxes (since they are literally putting their arms in razors) for example for failing skillchecks.
    • Jigsaw box searching should be reworked. F/e instead of searching 1-4 boxes, survivor can search only one and it could be any, however that would take much more time.
    • Ambush should be silent/faster OR give Pig more benefits. For example allow Pig to grab survivors or, if Pig enters grab-range while ambushing to put an active RBT on survivor by pressing M2

  • Withered8Withered8 Member Posts: 340

    Yea it really does depend on how it plays out. But last think i want is for it to be something which makes it so you cant be within 10 metres of a pig without being ambushed with nothing to do.

  • voorheesgtvoorheesgt Member Posts: 230

    Is it intended that a survivor with an activated rbt can escape through the hatch? Is this a bug? I've seen it a few times and this is straight BS. The hatch is already a free escape route regardless of progress made. It shouldn't negate the rbt... Exit gates kill survivors with active rbt. Why wouldn't the hatch logically...

  • Mr.FlexOGMr.FlexOG Member Posts: 27

    Yes it is intentional. Sorry, hatch is a free unearned escape and that is what the developers want it to be.

  • voorheesgtvoorheesgt Member Posts: 230

    🤬📢💨 AWWW HORSE [BAD WORD]!!!!

    I digress, thanks for the info.😁

  • tylxr_jaytylxr_jay Member Posts: 76

    2 minutes isnt enough for survivors to run around every square metre of the map. Even being able to see the auras how they are now can be devestating, as of now alot of RBT traps get taken off around 85%. The only way that would work and not be total bs is if it only showed auras of the jigsaw boxes within a certain metre range, kinda like knockout, visionary and windows of oppotunity. That way it would take a bit of time to find them but wont make it physically impossible.

  • ZFennecFoxZFennecFox Member Posts: 391

    I would love to see the statistics personally but seeing as BHVR have yet to release any info. I only have my personal experience to go by and I can say that it very rarely reaches 85% most of the time they get the trap off right at the first box but let's say that your right increase the Timer to 3 minutes and 30 seconds and for Rule Set shave off 30 seconds. That gives people plenty of time to scour most of the maps.

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