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This post is meant to help anyone who's starting. But nobodys going to start and read this

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No I am not typing on how perks play a part on another side.

I wanted to say how difficult it is to either make a good killer or a good survivor.

When playing killer you need to learn the fundamentals of the basic attack, swinging, mind games, listening, map knowledge and, map pressure. The variables of these are usually from power, map, terror radius, height, and movement speed. You understand each of these after a couple of matches and will learn all the basics by watching videos and gaining experience. Perks help in (some) fundamentals and (some) variable to find something that suits your taste it might be getting closer distance for the initial chase so a terror radius perk would be wanted. these perks are constant or a variable usually being a weaker affect if its constant but reliable, and then there's a stronger affect but happens randomly as a variable. Now each of the killer has a power and can change a fundamental. Using the killer power they all have a potential for shorter chase time they could be granted one or more of these abilities as such, a one shots ability, range attacks, transportation, stealth and, traps placement each of these are completely unique and need to be learn by themselves which a beginner will take alot of games while a experienced player will master within a few games since the fundamentals are the same.

Now how do one play survivor

Playing the survivor role there are a few variable to consider during which are latency, maps, moaning, and visibility. While the fundamentals are distance, gen spans, killer powers, understand hit boxes, pallet spans and, window span memorization. Perks help in (some) fundamentals and (some) variable to find something that suits your taste will need to tested. The perks are usually progressive/tokens, aura reading, increasing speed, self healing, indicator, and picking up pallets. The main goal during chase is delay the hit as much as possible. Like running around a loop that has no pallet or pallet looping.

I'll probably copy and paste a section when sombody ask how do I play killer or survivor.

I would delete this but i spent a bit on it so I'll let it stay.

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