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For changing files, can I be banned ?

MikasaMikasa Member Posts: 22

My fps has been jumping lately. Today I saw an article in steam about increasing fps and so on


Only I am afraid that for such changes in the files I can be punished

the author himself writes that he used these changes for 500 hours and was not banned

Can you answer me ? Can I change anything in the files, or is any change to the files punishable ?

Can I for example add a line in the file Engine

file path %appdata%\..\local\deadByDaylight\saved\config\windowsNoEditor\



r.VSync 0


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  • XaggyXaggy Member Posts: 264
    edited October 2020

    If that config removes fog or other game mechanics then yes.

  • MikasaMikasa Member Posts: 22

    how then to punish those who use them ?

  • fizeyfizey Member Posts: 13

    You wont get banned for disabling anti-aliasing you'll be fine. You will get banned if like someone else mentioned removing fog, bushes, corn, that kind of stuff

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