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Blood Pact Buff Seems Abusable

RockoRangoRockoRango Member Posts: 554
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It's as if a latent part of yourself has awakened.

You feel like you can reach out beyond yourself for assistance.

When you or the Obsession are injured, you both see each other's Auras.

After healing the Obsession or being healed by the Obsession, you both gain the Haste Status Effect, moving at an increased speed of 5/6/7 % until you are no longer within 16 metres of each other.

Reduces the odds of being the Obsession.

If you are the Obsession, Blood Pact deactivates.

The Killer can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.


Excuse me, what? If I'm reading this correctly, SWF groups with 4 DS and 4 Blood Pacts will just abuse this for the entire match by having a pair run around the map and genrushing.

I'm totally fine with this perk on solo survivors, but it looks like it'll be dumb on SWF.

Now people are going to have to deal with 2 people at any time having free Hope for all of the match when against a BP SWF? What? People are also literally just going to hold W and prolong a chase for a ridiculous amount of time (let alone making some loops infinites as long as the other survivor is near), especially against Nurse.

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  • OniWantsYourMacaroniOniWantsYourMacaroni Member Posts: 5,795

    Uh,that perk is still bad.

    Even if some people try to make this perk work,it's just 2 survivors on the gens instead of 3.

    You'll only see it in some kind of meme builds tbh.

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 4,335

    4 Blood Pacts sounds better than 4 DS's!

  • doitagain_doitagain_ Member Posts: 718

    Nah it’s still a trash perk.

  • RockoRangoRockoRango Member Posts: 554
    edited October 2020

    The huge problem isn't with chasing, it's with 2 SWF just running around the map with a 7% boost and making genrushing even more unbearable. Even then, a survivor can just stay within 16m and have Hope for the entire time (still prolonging a chase).

    2 pairs of survivors doing gens is better than 3 survivors doing gens. Usually, it's better to have one survivor be the distraction if the killer finds them while a pair does a generator and the lone survivor gets started on the next.

  • RockoRangoRockoRango Member Posts: 554
    edited October 2020

    He was talking about a group of 3, 2 pairs of 2 is still more efficient than that.

    Even then, the mobility groups are now going to have is stupid. Right now, I'm just thinking about never catching up to survivors as Nurse because they're both holding W.

  • notlonelynotlonely Member Posts: 388

    The perk is still not strong enough even when in SWF for the reasons given above, and if you're soloing why not use Empathy instead? The perk needs a rework, not just a numbers and effect buff.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,807

    Ok well Survivors running blood pact like this have to group up, but Survivors not running blood pact (which is our comparison point) can split up as they please, and wouldn't be in a group.

  • RockoRangoRockoRango Member Posts: 554


    Soloing with this perk is useless, but it seems like, from just the description, it's abusable by SWF to get a massive speed boost to go around the map with.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,807

    Eh, while it's not the best thing ever I have gotten value out of soloing with the perk in healing builds (pre-buff mind you). A lot of the value is because the information is 2 way, so the injured Survivor will come to you too, unlike aftercare it activates much sooner in the match too which is important.

    Empathy also doesn't help as much when you want to find other Survivors for them to heal you, rather than the other way around.

    And then the speed boost is just a nice bonus I guess. Not something to be relied on.

  • ArtickArtick Member Posts: 618
    edited October 2020

    Don't worry, it's just the regular "sky is falling" reaction you killer mains get with every change that's not a survivor nerf. It will pass.

  • TerroTerro Member Posts: 1,171

    This is why neither side gets nice things.

  • RockoRangoRockoRango Member Posts: 554

    There are better perks out there for healing solo (I would say Aftercare is much better), but the thing I'm concerned about is half of a coordinated SWF team still having a free 7% boost for as long as they stay within 16m. Especially in the endgame, I feel this is going to be miserable.

  • RockoRangoRockoRango Member Posts: 554

    wot? Me being concerned about a poorly designed perk isn't a one-sided thing. Anything messing with survivor speed shouldn't be implemented with prejudice, and the same goes with any Killer perk that increases speed (I think NOED is dumb).

  • RockoRangoRockoRango Member Posts: 554

    I meant that a coordinated group will always have a 7% boost because they'll always have a survivor be healed by the obsession (and the obsession can just be switched by using DS).

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 4,467
    edited October 2020

    So does nobody else see how this perk is going be abused in the endgame? If you thought catching Survivors during it was hard because of the others blocking you, now they'll also be moving faster. If they have Hope you're screwed. That Survivor is moving at 114%. It won't be a big deal before that though.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 5,988

    On a related tangent I think it’s interesting they also buffed Forced Penance which now puts a survivor into a Broken state for 80 seconds if they take a protection hit, i.e. they are hit while within 10 meters of an injured survivor. It becomes a soft counter to Blood Pact since if two survivors are staying close to each other during a chase the odds of applying that Broken status are dramatically increased.

    As far as the main points above go I agree that chasing two survivors for the price of one is generally a good position to be in as killer. Not only is that two survivors not doing gens in a single chase but it also increases the chances of one of them accidentally being out of position and giving an easier hit or of one accidentally screwing up the other’s vault or pallet drop, for example. The upside for the survivors would simply be that they can make the chase last a few seconds longer in a flat run and have an increased opportunity to reach a safe pallet. I’m not sure how good or bad this perk is overall but those appear to be the upsides and downsides at least.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 11,601

    Even in Endgame, you would have this Perk equipped, Hope equipped, make it to Endgame, have the Obsession or the player(s) with Bloodpact still alive(and not the same person) AND they must heal to get the effect of Bloodpact in Endgame.

    Thats pretty unlikely.

  • Maníaco_da_garrafaManíaco_da_garrafa Member Posts: 144

    Remember when people thought sabo rework would be OP?

    "iT's jUSt 2.5 SeCoNdS!!!! REEEEEEEE"

  • RockoRangoRockoRango Member Posts: 554
    edited October 2020

    That's like comparing apples and oranges if you're relating it to this thread. The sabo rework wasn't about survivor speeds, it was about (probably nerfing) sabo.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,189

    I'm just going to pull a 500 IQ countermove and stop hitting them so they can't activate it

  • TerroTerro Member Posts: 1,171

    Because it's not as strong as you're making it out to be. The perk causes survivors to have to move as a group. The larger the group the worse it is for survivors cuz chances are they're going to get each other killed. Even looping with 2 survivors increases the chances of being caught out like crazy, especially since they need to try to remain within 16m. Then there's the fact that you are pressuring 2 or more survivors at once. Doubling the amount of survivors confined to 16m of each other just quadruples the ability to make mistakes. U can't get 2 pairs of 2 using the perk. U get a group of 2, 3 or 4 stuck within 16 m of each other and only after taking the time to have heals.

    Now I'm sure that out of 100 games you'll find like 1 game where survivors had the RNG tiles aline so they can loop and the survivors are good enough to truly abuse it but that's a worse case scenario. Even then chances are they'll screw it up eventually.

  • RockoRangoRockoRango Member Posts: 554

    I moved away from the chase argument awhile ago, as I shouldn't have put it in the thread desc in the first place, but that's not the concern I have. A SWF group will just have two people with Hope run around the map and rush gens. At least with other perks it costs mobility to have multiple survivors on a gen, but now a pair can just run from gen to gen while having a speed buff (and while the killer gets distracted, long chases are going to be more punishing).

    I also never said 2 pairs of 2 using Blood Pact, as that's not possible, but having a pair running around with a 7% boost and doing gens seems dumb when the whole team has communication.

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 3,536

    lol of course it's abuseable but that's the point. It's only for the top end, toxic swf teams.

  • ALostPuppyALostPuppy Member Posts: 3,398

    You know they have to be healed by someone running the perk and the guy getting healed or doing the healing also has to be the obsession lmao. So there needs to be someone injured. This perk is still trash-tier and won't be ran by anybody unless they want to screw around with other meme perks. Remember when everyone was saying For The People was gonna be a ridiculous swf perk? Yeaaah look at how many people are running it now.

  • Maníaco_da_garrafaManíaco_da_garrafa Member Posts: 144

    Regarding your complaint, repairing separately is WAAAAAAAAY more efficient than teaming up, since survivors are saving a lot of time without travelling between gens together, and Blood Pact's speed boost not only will be very gimmicky to activate and force bad rotations if you want to keep the effect active, but also will be almost unnoticeable in the long run.

    So yeah, you're kinda complaining about nonsense.

  • SlashstreetboySlashstreetboy Member Posts: 1,811

    It might very well open up possibilities for abuse. As soon as it triggers, you´re gonna have a pair of Survivors that make a lot of tiles infinites. For many Killers this will create a situation where there are 2 unchaseable Survivors in the Trial. It doesn´t matter that you´re chasing two of them at once if the possibility of winning that chase are that close to zero. We´re gonna see how this turns out, I hope the majority of the playerbase will sleep on this one.

    If what Spacecoconut (and the descriptions) suggest is right, we´re gonna have a new Survivor base mechanic soon, too. 20 seconds of speedboost without causing exhaustion every game as long as you grind enough during the event. I believe this is propably just an overlook in the description, but if it isn´t, we´re gonna have a situation where every Survivor every game will be able to force the Killer to drop chase once a match. Tinkering with movementspeed is very dangerous in DBD as it´s so delicate in terms of balance.

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