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Severely SLOW Load Screen

XyvieliaXyvielia Member Posts: 1,632



Since the 10/20/2020 update the Loading screen in between lobby and the actual match has been noticeably severely longer than the usual 30-40 seconds.

Due to this extended time, impatience sets in, causing players who feel it may be a endless loading screen to leave, thus cancelling the match for everyone who waits it out.

I’ve had 5 of these matches consecutively, now.

Below is a clip depicting one of these Slow Load Screen occurances:

(Note the RED circular icon that usually appears at the top center of the screen immediately before the load has finished and the match is about to begin appears twice here, at 1:48, then again at 2:24)

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  • MooleeMooMooleeMoo Member Posts: 1

    So, from my knowledge at this point. This is also PC....

    But it's because it's trying to give you the new updated map and it just DC's you. Not necessarily that people leave.

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