If you want to be part of the dedicated servers Player Test Build, you will need to update the PTB to 2.7.0a. The dedicated servers will be turned on the PTB without a patch. As long as you have the 2.7.0a version of the PTB, you will be able to test dedicated servers.
Patch notes: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/59071/2-7-0-mid-chapter-player-test-build

wouldnit be ok to.host my.own dbd tournament for bragging rights and fun for ps4

redsopine1redsopine1 Member Posts: 1,437
Honestly just asking because I would have wanted to join the one that was set up but was to late this would purely be for fun would the be ok just a simple one for fun with a few rules

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