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Threads are not being merged properly OR deleted posts are visible on the profile page

MadjuraMadjura Member Posts: 1,619
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This thread was merged:

When I click on the thread link from "General Discussions" I am taken to this thread:

This user: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/profile/comments/JephKaplan posted in the now merged thread. One of the posts is this, taken from the profile page, under "COMMENTS":

"(Quote) The rift and challenges were a good idea but: 1) It takes way too [BAD WORD] long to complete 2) The challenges are repetitive and boring as hell 3) Even if u did all challenges u won't even finish the rift 4) Rewards in the rift as just no …"

Direct link to the post, taken from the profile page: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/comment/1694693#Comment_1694693

This takes me to the last page of the thread the first thread was merged into, but the comment is not there.

I can't see the full post because thread was merged into the other thread. The snippet above is taken from the profile page. However in the thread the original was merged into that post does not exist.

Maybe that post was deleted before or after the merge, but then I shouldn't be able to see it on the profile page still.

Something seems to be broken, either the merging or deleted posts being visible on the profile page.


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