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Rank Update error and error code 112 (failed to synchronize currency) still exists in Oct. 22 2020

EVERY.SINGLE.MATCH. I at least get one of these errors. The combined errors feel like HELL for me. I can't rank up and I also can't do bloodweb to up the level of my character too since I am not getting anymore bloodpoints......I swear man these 2 errors when removed would make this game a whole lot better. I just wish the devs would put a hold on cosmetics and junk and fix these really frustrating errors first. In the Philippines by the way and platform is PC. Steam name is the same as my username in this site. Please do something about this or I just have no choice but to stop or keep playing the same type of lobbies and also the same level of perks that I got (which is sometimes quite irritating since the people I go against have tier 4 or 3 perks and I only have basic tier 1 ones).

P.S: I probably lost like 2.3 million something bloodpoints already and I swear I am not exaggerating.


  • alexis_elvandoalexis_elvando Member Posts: 1

    Today after i was played 3 matched and i was dc because something wrong about my connection and after all i've got message rank update error and then i tried to login again as always. And after that i was shocked because my stats, my level, my rank, my equipment, my quest start again to default to level 1. It's make me so confused because i know every 13th is rank reset but i've got rank reset again now and the worst part is i lost everything. i think i have a same problem with u

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