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Since when can't we stack syringes (activation addons) ?

KebekKebek Member Posts: 1,896

I was just attempting to use new refined serum paired with pink syringe and I've discoverd that you can use only 1 activation addon at the time even when you have 2 equiped, only one triggers.

Was it always like this ? I though you were able to get both effects if you had 2 activation addons and they would just overlap.


  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 1,695

    The pink syringe and styptic deplete the whole medkit

    Idk how the new serum addon works

  • Demonl3yDemonl3y Member Posts: 1,416

    I tried that too, bit it didnt work.

  • GodDamn_AngelaGodDamn_Angela Member Posts: 1,598
    edited October 25

    Pretty sure activation addons never stacked. I dunno for sure though, I've never used them. 🤷‍♀️

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