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Disconnect penalty

Please, please can we make this more reasonable.

Over the last several days I have made sure to play when my internet isn't going to have issues, I've worked to optimize it in ways I never have before so I can play this game and now my console has started to make the most horrible noise when loading into a game and crashes. It has done this 6 times in the last three days.

Everything will be fine, I'll play 10 to 12 matches and then death. I don't know why this is happening but a 6 hour penalty is horrific

I'm working my but off to make sure everything else works perfect so I don't dc due to internet errors and other factor and this happens. I just want to play with my friend, do the rift and get my points.

Don't remove the disconnect penalty just make it more reasonable. I am more then happy to sit out for an hour when my internet is having issues. Six or more is just to much.


  • whatzupwhatzup Member Posts: 2

    Nobody cares if there is a disconnect penalty due to camping killers, team mates not helping and unhooking, killers tunneling and so on. There are other games to play and who knows because of DCing you may find a better game! I would rather see someone DC than play in a rage which is why other games do not penalize you for DCing. Oh and don't even get me started about the fabulous Halloween survivor things like the AWESOME medkit that makes you more visible or the serum that leaves a trail behind you!!!! Killers only have to kill but survivors have much to do and those two items were not fair to even add! Let people play the way they want to and don't lean towards killer or survivor. It's so crazy because there are so many little kids that play this game even though it says 17 and up. Geeze DBD guys use common sense for once in your life!!

  • cindlemaincindlemain Member Posts: 91

    My Friends and I ended up saying forget it when after my penalty was up another friend who plays on the PS4 ended up with a 1 hour penalty due to his console crashing thanks to the frame rate issue.

    We have been checking out other multiplayer games Halloween events. TF2, Overwatch, Ark and Borderlands have fun, if not super crazy, events. I think we are going to stick with them for a while.

    Sucks cause we all got the new rift but the crashes and penalties are just to much right now. We play and stream for fun not to get super pissed off and frustrated like we are with DBD

  • ineedsleepineedsleep Member Posts: 21

    I do agree they are extremely over the top with the dc penalty. Because of the frame rate issues on PS4, my game lagged out yesterday and crashed. I then got a 24 hour penalty. The max should be 1 hour in my opinion.

  • rattacattrattacatt Member Posts: 2

    I fully agree. I recently got a 48 hour ban because of internet errors on my part.

  • rattacattrattacatt Member Posts: 2

    Edit, I got banned again and now it's a 72 hour ban. I have given up hope for caring, I just wanted to test if my ping spiking would kick me out of survivor matches as well. Spoiler alert, it does.

  • MostaMosta Member Posts: 10

    Oh my god... 72 hours really? This game seems to crash/cause dc for whatever reason!

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