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The 4.6.0 PTB is now available on Steam. For full details, click here: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/231267

Another justified Pig nerf is right here.

SInce the release of the 4.3.0 patch, Survivors may escape through Exit Gates wighout need to remove Reverse Bear Trap even if they are ACTIVATED.

You know, I am deeply convinced that this change is not enough to make her balanced. Due to fact that the stats from the last stream revealed that Pig is actually overperforming in red ranks (she kills more than 67% of Survivors), Pig needs next changes:

  • Pig movement speed while crouching should be reduced from 3.68 m/s to 1.13 m/s, aka to normal Survivors' crouching speed. This would help Pig less noticeable because her crouching will be exactly the same as Survivors.
  • Pig Ambush attack should be scrapped. Ability to sprint out of stealth at 6.9 m/s speed (aka lunge move speed) should not be allowed because it is too overpowered and unfun to go against.
  • If Pig approaches to Survivors searching Jigsaw Boxes, she will start seeing hallucination of John Kramer telling her that her games are not fair, making her feel bad and incapable of attacking Survivors searching Jigsaw Boxes.
  • The number of carried Reverse Bear Trap cannot exceed 1, because she has only 2 hands. One for the weapon, another for the trap. It would be logical.


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