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A Fun Thing I Noticed About Blight

He’s the only Killer that you can’t tell if it’s him without physically seeing him or hearing his Terror Radius music.

Trapper - seeing Bear Traps around the environment

Wraith - hearing the Wailing Bell “whoosh”

Hillbilly - hearing the chainsaw

Nurse - hearing her blink sounds

Hag - seeing one of her traps or having her pop up from a trap

Doctor - hearing his Static Blast or hearing a teammate scream and seeing their location

Shape - hearing the tier up music

Huntress - hearing the lullaby (technically it’s not her terror radius)

Cannibal - hearing the chainsaw

Nightmare - easiest one, seeing the timer on the HUD

Pig - seeing the Jigsaw boxes

Clown - hearing a teammate scream but not seeing a bubble with their location, as far as I know Clown is the only one that can do this

Spirit - hearing the whoosh of her phasing but it usually means she’s nearby

Legion - seeing multiple teammates getting Deep Wounds in quick succession in the HUD

Plague - seeing fountains

Ghost Face - seeing someone get marked in the HUD

Demogorgon - multiple things such as seeing portals around or hearing one of his many audio cues

Oni - hearing the indicator that he has his power fully charged or hearing his roar when he activates it

Deathslinger - hearing the gunshot

Executioner - seeing trails around the map or seeing someone get tormented in the HUD

And then we have Blight who, as far as I know has no indicator. There’s his roar he makes when he uses Lethal Rush but I think you have to be in his terror radius to hear it. Just a fun fact I realized out of randomness.

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