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Game crashed just when starting game!

Just went in to play waited in the lobby was being transported to the game before my character would even animate the game crashed and booted me out back to my home screen for my Xbox. Signed in again and now it’s telling me I didn’t disconnect and I’m being penalized!

The game itself broke not me! Don’t punish me for what this game does and this is not the first time this game has frozen up like that!

Xbox one

USA around 5:42 pm


  • cindlemaincindlemain Member Posts: 54

    And the best part is you can't even appeal. I don't know whats going on but it seems like the game is crashing on the xbox an awful lot lately.

    Sorry you had this happen.

  • ShamefulKingShamefulKing Member Posts: 123

    I have been having the same issue on Xbox as both survivor and killer.

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