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Midwich solo exit impossible without hatch

The exit gates on Midwich are impossible to have time to open when you’re the last survivor. Maybe move one to the end of the hall to right of the stairs (when looking up the flight of stairs). Or possibly rotate the courtyard 90 degrees so it’s not a straight shot. It’s too fast and easy for killer to go from one exit gate straight through the courtyard to the other, and back again.


  • batax90batax90 Member Posts: 879

    How the [BAD WORD] can you be the last survivor on midwich this map is so survivor side the killer need to run after the survivor before he can initiate a chase

  • notlonelynotlonely Member Posts: 144

    So you're implying a killer will never be able to win just depending on the map? I got a 3k as Demo today in Ormond and I don't even use him frequently, and the survivors weren't dumb so play more killer.

    Totally agree with this, the distance should be increased between the two or at least make them quieter only for this map.

  • tariousxtariousx Member Posts: 129

    There currently are maps with aspects that are survivor sided, looking at you Ormond, Haddonfield, Coldwind Farm, Temple of Purgation, and Mother's Dwelling. And their are maps that have aspects that are Killer sided, The Game, Midwich, Lerys (depending on who you are). They all need adjusted so Midwich gonna have to get in line cause its a long one.

  • White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 2,859

    Actually it's kinda easy. Just stop open it before the first light turn on (at about 25%), wait for the killer to check, and then resume from where you left. The gate area is made so that the killer can't check them from afar, so unless they have very good mobility you have the time to open it.

  • batax90batax90 Member Posts: 879

    Midwich is far from being killer side you can see the survivor coming toward you from a miles the only you need to do is run in a straight line anyway this is what i do and i escape 95% of the time in that map

  • FellowKillerMainFellowKillerMain Member Posts: 395

    All you have to do is activate the exit gate to the point that no lights are on, but some progress has been made, then stop. Wait for killer to come back to check for lights, once they turn around and go to check other exit gate, you begin again. You should open the exit gate and be able to Tbag them just as they return. Unless they have some utility to detect your presence, or get back quickly.

    I think charging the exit gate to the "E" above the progress bar is about where the first light activates.

  • DaddyFatSacks420DaddyFatSacks420 Member Posts: 105
    edited November 2020

    The game and Lery’s are actually survivor sided with what I’m talking about, exit gate separation. It’s quite possible on both of those maps to escape as the last survivor, there’s no way for the killer to cover both exits. On Midwich it takes under 20 seconds to get from seeing one exit gate switch to seeing the other. I always prime the exit by interacting with it for 7 seconds (at 8 seconds the first red light comes on) leaving 23 seconds before getting the gate open. But on Midwich the killer just has to walk a straight line till they see an exit gate switch, turn around and repeat. That’s why I say it’s pretty impossible for the last survivor, it’s just too easy for the killer.

    If it wasn’t a straight shot for the killer it would give the last survivor a chance. If they moved one exit gate down the hall, or if they took the walls in the halls nearest to the courtyard, making a square, and rotated said square on both floors (or just the bottom floor leaving the top floor windows where they are) 90 degrees it would keep everything the same distance apart but the killer wouldn’t have such a straight quick trip between the exits.

  • Kees_TKees_T Member Posts: 522

    If you are the last survivor alive, why should the game allow you to escape? If the Killer managed to kill everyone except for you with still gens left and he closed the Hatch(which halso is another last chance for you), why should you be able to escape?

    You failed you main objective which is repairing all generators, while the Killer completed his main goal.

  • DaddyFatSacks420DaddyFatSacks420 Member Posts: 105
    edited November 2020

    No one should be given a guaranteed win. As it stands a match in Midwich with only one survivor gives the killer a guaranteed win once the hatch is no longer an option. The last survivor should still have a fair chance. If a survivor finds themselves trapped in that situation because other survivors decide to DC or give up immediately on hook (which happens frequently on Midwich) it’s really frustrating and limits any enjoyment. The killer shouldn’t be handed a win either.

    After the addition of egc maybe half of games someone escapes with way less than 5 gens done (not my fault the killer closes the hatch immediately when they find it, locking the gens).

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