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Anyone know the DC Penalty times?

tippy2k2tippy2k2 Member Posts: 2,160
edited October 2020 in General Discussions

So this is Time #2 when I got the "HOST DISCONNECTED penalty and am now sitting at a 15 minutes...

(Both times were not my fault as both times were these Host Disconnected errors but that's a different argument/discussion you can find all over the board. We're not here to discuss the "Fairness" of this)

I'm now kind of deciding if it's worth the risk of trying a few more games at this point or giving it some time to wipe itself out. I don't know if BHVR has anything "official" out there but does anyone know the time jumps?

As of now, I know it's 5 minutes to now 15 minutes. What would come next? How long until my exponential jumps stop (so in like...2 hours will my next DC be back down to 15 minutes or does it take days or what)?

Anyone know or at least have an idea?


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