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Hatch in Ormond main building won't open with a key

Jacoby2041Jacoby2041 Member Posts: 841

I was in Ormond, there were 4 survivors left and we had all the gens done. The hatch was in the middle of the main building. I tried to open the hatch with a skeleton key, and the character (I was playing Yui) would start the jumping animation but the animation would cancel and the hatch wouldn't open. I tried from different angles but nothing worked. Sometimes after the animation cancelled it would place my character down into the floor briefly

I didn't get the chance to see if I could jump in while open since I left and couldn't get back to it

Some other random info:

I was playing against the pig and got/removed a RBT at one point (didn't have one when this happened)

I found the key in a chest rather than bringing it with me

I swapped out the key with a medkit and then got the key back at one point

It was only a few seconds after the last generator got done that I tried to enter the hatch (it appeared in front of me)

I'm on PC but other people in the match were crossplay

I don't think there were any objects that would be in the way of the hatch, and nothing seemed to be obstructing it. I woulda got a picture if I was thinking but I had to leave before I thought of it

I cleansed a totem during the match

I rescued a survivor during the match

The killer had Make Your Choice and I was exposed by it once

I was using Any Means Necessary and I lifted 2 pallets during the match

I had some connection issues at the start of the match but they went away before this happened

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  • AlphaVixen19AlphaVixen19 Member Posts: 23

    Was it a broken green key? Those keys do not open hatch. Only a pink or purple key opens the hatch.

  • ImmersedKillerImmersedKiller Member Posts: 16

    He said skeleton key.

  • Malum_MidnightMalum_Midnight Member Posts: 364

    This happened to my friend in a self on family residence as well. Funny enough, that’s the only similarities between our incidents, besides him saving one person and maybe he cleansed a totem

  • AlphaVixen19AlphaVixen19 Member Posts: 23

    They are all skeleton keys green only used for add ons, pink and purple for addons and hatch :)

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