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Consider bringing back the Spirit breathing bug or something similar as a feature

It doesn't have to be that exact bug but something similar, maybe Freddy's old mechanic of where he'd pop into reality once in a while or maybe the husk will move every second or so to her current location I think could make a decent change or at least test worthy.

As it is now, against a good Spirit even when healthy it becomes next to impossible to do anything since the survivor side has very little information to work with. Even against a Nurse you can do line of sight blockers but with Spirit, it's all a losing guessing game because if she has good headphones and can play even halfway decently, she will know where you are at all times leaving you to simply flail around.

I'm not outright looking for a nerf but just some kind of extra info that survivors can work with when she's phasing so it's a bit more interactive instead of the current guessing game. Sound cue, visual cue, just something small to give a little more idea.

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