Nemesis 2 tournament May 27th for European PC players

PaulieEstherPaulieEsther Member Posts: 41

Adv4u's 256 survivor tournament is running on May 27th for European PC players. It's a 2 vs 2 survivor team tourney. Here's the information if you want to apply. Winning team of 2 players will each win a Brazil Weekend Claudette skin.

Here's the rules and application for the Nemesis 2 Dead By Daylight tournament, open to European PC players:

Sign Up Form:
Tournament brackets:

Good luck to anyone who participates! :)


  • yeppyyeppy Member Posts: 7

    This seems to be pure fun. I will watch it completely. Good luck to everyone and have fun :-)

  • Cake1100Cake1100 Member Posts: 80

    I signed up and my team called daddies arent on the list, feelsbad.

  • ToxicTappToxicTapp Member Posts: 63

    When you're american

  • PlanetJuke420PlanetJuke420 Member Posts: 1

    I was excited to join this, and then I remembered I'm american LUL

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