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Proposed change to Coup de Grace

PleassBuiltInNoedPleassBuiltInNoed Member Posts: 617
edited November 2020 in 4.4.0 PTB Feedback

When a generator is repaired you gain one token. Press Active Ability Button to spend one token and increase your next lunge attack by 60/80/100%. If you hit the survivor with the regular lunge range (0,5s| 0,6s for myers tier 3), your token is still consumed, but the next generator repaired grants 1 + 1 extra for each lunge that didnt exceed the regular lunge range with perk active.

So basically if you get your first stack, you activate it but then hit the survivor with 0,5s or less lunge range, your token is still consumed but next gen grants 2, if you use it again but hit survivor with 0,51-xxx lunge range your token is consumed and next gen just gives you one. This way if you didnt use extended lunge a single time you can still have 5 tokens after last gen repaired.

Also active ability button is there to actually let you use it when you want, not randomly when its not even needed.


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