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Getting kicked and penalized

For the last 2 days, at least once per day ive been kicked from the game while playing, yesterday i was kicked AFTER i died on the hook, today i was kicked when i ran up to a pallet. Each time i was penalized. Please help i dont want this to keep happening, i play daily . Thank you very much


  • MostaMosta Member Posts: 10

    So, you just keep getting kicked randomly right? You're not the only one.

  • TysereTysere Member Posts: 4

    I just dc'd in the first 3 minutes of a match with me as killer. Ookla test showing my ping at 12, internet speed at 150mbps. No connection issues. Fix your servers. If you can't do that, remove the DC penalties. You want people to DC on purpose less? Give survivors BPs for their time.

    Either I'm getting 12 minute MM bans bc people or hacking, or BHVR needs to stop hosting servers (or however they do it) on graphing calculators. No one needs to be penalized that hard bc someone else can't code.

  • lostkqlostkq Member Posts: 162

    happened to me a while back i fac resetted my pc and it went away but that shouldnt have to be the only solution because the game is being garbo

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