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Optimal Facecamping Guide

Killer: Pyramid Head

Build: Insidious (Necessary), Agitation, Iron Grasp, Free Slot (BBQ)

Addons: N/A

  1. Down a survivor by any means necessary.
  2. Hook the survivor, preferably in basement or other difficult to reach hooks.
  3. Stand a short distance away while facing the hook with your sword in the ground.
  4. Use Punishment of the Damned to down the hooked survivor as soon as they are unhooked. Must have been standing still for at least 2 seconds.
  5. Stand over the downed survivor for 60 seconds.
  6. Pick up the survivor and repeat steps 2-6 until sacrificed.
  7. Visit the Dead by Daylight forums.
  8. Sort by Recent Discussions.
  9. Read the most recent post.
  10. " Pyramid Head is OP"

gg ez


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