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Matchmaking ban because I left when a killer decided to farm

WhyBHVRWhyBHVR Member Posts: 2

Please why when (and I know farming is only a "frownable" thing to do) I leave my match when the killer and the other players farm and sell me out chasing me around to let the killer find me to stop getting gens done. At this point I had let myself get hooked, they all followed him to the hook took me off straight away he downed me again and before I could let go I'd already gotten taken off the hook. cue me crawling around getting healed and farmed, picked up and farmed ALL OF THIS. And I deserve the ban for not dealing with it anymore. so yes why BHVR, why even have a leave match button if there is a punishment like this. I bought all your dlc's I buy all your new skins. Why do this I really don't understand because I know for a fact that killer wouldn't get banned for farming, these players wont get banned for holding the game hostage. Because the report system does nothing... why BHVR why.

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  • strivingash8284strivingash8284 Member Posts: 3

    Report them on the main screen. Video the hostage gameplay and screen shot end of match. Send those with the report. The end of match reporting system is garbage- you need to submit a ticket.

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