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The Ultimate End Game Camping Build (No NOED included)

IceryIcery Member Posts: 199

First of all, sorry if this encourages people to camp. Normally I don't even camp but this idea just popped in my head so i wanted to share with you.

Our first perk: Rancor:

What this will do? We will not use rancor to kill people we will use it to one hit down them.

Second perk: Furtive chase:

This perk will change the obsession to the saver. So we can one hit them.

Third perk: Bloodwarden:

Trapping survivors in the trial.

And fourth perk: Remember me:

If we hook the obsession after the gates are opened, bloodwarden will activate. And we don't want to do that.


After the exit gates are powered. One hit the obsession and hook them immidiately. Rancor is not like noed, it will not alert survivors being Exposed. It will only notify the obsession. So obsession's amazingly alturistic friends will come and save her/him in front of your face. Then saver is your obsession and the old obsession is now hurt. You can one hit BOTH of them. If you can repeat this process everyone will be hurt and will run to the doors. Then hook one of them if you have already downed one of them. Bloodwarden is activated. Everyone is hurt isn't it? Now rest is easy if you can down all of them before the 60 seconds pass.

Note: This build requires you to play decent and this means you can't win a game free with this build.


  • HommeBizarreHommeBizarre Member Posts: 319

    I really like the concept of Rancor and furtive chase

  • CaulDrohnCaulDrohn Member Posts: 1,020

    "Rancor is not like noed, it will not alert survivors being Exposed."

    Sure there's no exposed icon, but they will recognize it when a healthy survivor just drops to the floor. They might even remember you have furtive chase if you used it earlier. But granted, that perk is used so rarely that they likely forget about it when unhooking ^^.

    "Now rest is easy if you can down all of them before the 60 seconds pass."

    If multiple survs get down in the exit, BW is usually not enough to hook all of them (if there are ven enough reachable hooks, that is).

    But regardless, sounds fun / different, gonna give it a try :).

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