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BHVR has just crossed a line.

Just now, BHVR revealed through in-game news that they'd be disabling Bloodlust for the weekend on the live versions of the game to understand the effect it has better.

This isn't the horrible part.

They've admitted that the Huntress' perk, Beast of Prey, will become useless as a result over this weekend!

Honestly, BHVR, how do you expect us to compete with these sweaty 4man SWFs that I face every single game without fail and always make me lose, using their crutch perks like Quick and Quiet (I already made a thread on how this perk was so OP and needs an 80 second cooldown at tier 3), Calm Spirit, and Urban Evasion?? My Spirit with Stridor, Ruin, Undying, NOED, Mother Daughter Ring, Yakuyoke Amulet, and an Ebony Mori is just so weak in comparison to what she could be like with the Godly perk that is Beast of Prey! This is unacceptable and I demand a refund on all of my skins for making this game such an unbalanced mess! Honestly, I'm so close to uninstalling over this disasterous move, this is just more proof that the devs are toxic entitled survivor main who don't care about us killers at all!

I can't believe you've done this.



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