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A quick sort of explanation about Camping and Tunneling that I feel might benefit survivors to know.

Hey gang, so I've been seeing a lot of people complaining about camping and tunneling recently and after getting tired of just explaining over and over I figured I might as well just make a post describing how a lot of these complaints are a bit stupid. I'm gonna go over both things and common survivor complaints.

Camping: Hey survivors, guess how killers get rewarded for camping. If you answered "just by doing it" I'm sorry you are WRONG. The only and I mean ONLY way a killer gets rewarded for camping is if the survivors go out of their way to reward it! It takes 2 minutes for someone to die on hook. If the killer camps you have 2 options. You can go run up to the killer and reward them and likely allow them to snowball. OR you can go do gens and leave. Leaving the killer with low bloodpoints. The choice is up to you but please don't blame the killers for your choices! Now as for WHY killers camp obviously there's those that just do it because they're kind of dicks. First hook is a camp, the hag that draws 10 traps on a hook or the all time classic, facecamp bubba. However there may be a plethora of reasons the killer is not just leaving their incredibly valuable hook. If the killer knows a survivor is near they are less likely to leave, so when they're carrying maybe try sneaking around so you don't get spotted! If the hook is in the middle of a strong 3 gen they also don't have much reason to leave, if they see someone on a gen they'll probably give you a chance. Lastly is the endgame collapse where the killer has nothing better to do! The killers options in egc when they get a hook are to either search gates that are probably already 99d and let the hook get saved and let everyone leave, or camp and hope they can get a kill out of it. Amazingly killers are not required to just let you leave.

Speaking of killers not being required to let you leave let's go to the next topic.

Tunneling: You know I've become more and more convinced that people don't really understand what actual tunneling is. When you get unhooked you are not automatically entitled to not be hooked again. Now I myself and a some other players will try our best to not hook the same person twice but there are exceptions. If you are the only survivor I see, I will not just let you go. If you heal I will not let you go. If you start cleansing a totem I will not let you go. If you work on a gen I will not let you go. Basically if you try progressing the game in any way, in my eyes you have lost your "protection" and are fair game to be hooked. ACTUAL tunneling would be if a killer goes out of their way to AVOID other survivors just to take down one person. Walking past obvious other survivors and ignoring possible downs to get one person. Hooking someone a second time because it benefits the killer is amazingly NOT tunneling! Saying a killer is doing something wrong for not ignoring someone is like saying survivors are being jerks for working on gens while someone is hooked!

Well I hope this had cleared up some troubles people have been having! I wish you all the best of luck!


  • MrLimonkaMrLimonka Member Posts: 545

    If you believe these two are perfectly fine and valid tactics, I also sure hope you don't have any issues with DS/BT/Unbreakable.


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