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After receiving several requests, I made a cosplay guide for Never Stop Slashing (Frank, LEGION). You have two versions, one version with all the pictures separated as below. Or a PDF containing the complete and printable file! Hope it will be useful!

3D render by : Benj’s Artwork Archive

I can't send links directly, if a moderator can help me with that, that would be nice, if that is possible of course, thanks!


  • B_RandomB_Random Member Posts: 242

    They still need to update this skin in game for the various corners they cut.

  • AmackyAmacky Member Posts: 94

    The various corners ?

    Did they say that ? I never hear about that

  • B_RandomB_Random Member Posts: 242

    I mean with the fact that they could of made a slight glitch effect with the mask, made the chains on his right arm 3D (Like the chains on his leg), and shrinking the hoodie. I just wish they completed the model and updated it so those corners they cut could be fixed.

  • AmackyAmacky Member Posts: 94

    Yes, I saw some little details like this while doing the guide, some details have changed from the model without texture too, I don't know why, maybe for lack of time or something. I know that the teeth and their number have changed on the collar it has around the neck compared to the model without texture for example 😥

    I also had to make some changes on the bag for the book, I don't know if I was allowed but there was the 3D model of Susie in texture on the bag, I replaced it with a hex totem sticker, I hope it's okay to change that for the cosplay guide

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