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Rescue Mission Trophy/Achievement

Stun the killer with a pallet 5 times while they're carrying a survivor.

Will power struggle count towards this? I assume yes to go along with the chapter otherwise this might become the new hardest trophy for me. I think I have maybe two pallet rescues in 2-something years of playing.

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  • UnknownlyKnownUnknownlyKnown Member Posts: 57
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    I haven't seen the power struggle animation or much about it. But I know when you pallet save someone, a bloodpoint event happens (Like when you complete a generator you get a notification of how much bloodpoints you get in the left middle of the screen), so if that bloodpoint event happens and says the same thing as if you saving a survivor, I'd assume power struggle would count towards the achievement.

  • predxenopredxeno Member Posts: 7
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    It does.

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