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New flashlight animation / mech is awful.

I really do not understand the reason behind this change. change it back.


  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 5,257

    This is like the 4th change they've made to flashlights in 6 months.

    This is the thing that has annoyed me the most with this chapter.

  • SifSif Member Posts: 50

    Im not sure if there even is any coherent reasoning. The flashlights were in a good place and now survivors can't land easy flashlight saves when the killer left himself vulnerable. I thought everyone were running lightborn at first.

  • fahad0595fahad0595 Member Posts: 57

    true. it is like you have a spinner pulp inside the flashlight. probably a bug they cant fix. afterall this chapter came with unplayable killer xd.

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