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1000 Solo Survivor Games

I have only played the survivor side of DBD as a solo. After playing for a while I always felt that I was dying more than your average survivor and if there was one person to die while the others escaped it was me. So, I started to record whether or not I escaped from each game and who the killer I was going up against was.

For reference I started playing DBD in Jan 2019 on PC and put in about 80 hours before I stopped playing. I then picked it up again this spring and have been playing consistently since. I have around 550 hours played at level 11 devotion 3.

The majority of my games take place at rank 4/5, there would be a handful at rank 3 and after a reset in the 6-8 range.

My most common build would include the following 3 perks;

Sprint Burst


Borrowed Time

Depending on if I had a challenge or my mood other perks that filled the last slot would include

Unbreakable, Prove Thyself, We’re Gonna Live Forever, Iron Will, Spine Chill, Empathy, DS(not often)

I would classify myself as an average survivor, I am not the best at looping that is why I use sprint burst as to avoid the chase from the start if possible.

Here are the results from 1000 solo survivor games. (Twins only used in overall data)

Most Faced Killers

Cannibal = 63

Doctor = 60

Blight = 59

Huntress = 59

Trapper = 58

Least Faced Killers

Plague = 30

Clown = 30

Demo = 31

Pig = 33

Billy = 36

Overall Escape Rate = 36.7%

Worst Escape Rate

Freddy = 20%

Huntress = 25%

Oni = 27%

Hag = 27%

Spirit = 29%

Best Escape Rate

Demo = 55%

Trapper = 48%

Plague = 47%

Ghost Face = 46%

Wraith = 45%

Going into this I felt like I was getting out about 25% of the time. I was surprise to see that my numbers fell in line with what BHVR had posted a few weeks back on overall kill rates, which made me feel a little better about how I was doing.

Anyway, thanks for reading just thought it was interesting to see the numbers over a decent sample size.


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