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One thing that makes Spirit different from all other Killers with stronger 1v1 element

Aztreonam78Aztreonam78 Member Posts: 961
edited December 2020 in General Discussions

Spirit does not make any map-wide sound cue alerting Survivors that she uses her power when almost all other Killers with powers giving additional advantages in chases DO produce loud noises in one way or another:

  • Hillbilly: has non map-wide, but still loud chainsaw noises.
  • Nurse: has map-wide screams each time she blinks.
  • Myers: has map-wide John Carpenter melody when he tiers up.
  • Hag: her traps explode when triggered.
  • Doctor: has map-wide shock noises and makes Survivor scream.
  • Huntress: has long-range lullaby: when fully charged hatchet throw, a map-wide noise cue is played.
  • Bubba: has non map-wide, but still loud chainsaw noises.
  • Freddy: Survivors know its Freddy from the very beginning: snares cause Survivors scream revealing potential Freddy's location: makes whoosh noise when uses Dream Projection.
  • Pig: Jigsaw Boxes are seen and heard from the beginning of the match; makes Lion roar when initiating ambush.
  • Clown: bottles make Survivors scream.
  • Plague: fountains alert Survivors of hear presence: scary map-wide sound cue is played when she gains Corrupt Purge.
  • Demogorgo: ...
  • Oni: has very loud and diractionable foot steps; screams when he enters Blood Fury.
  • Deathslinger: has map-wide shoots.
  • Pyramid Head: has map-wide sound cues when Survivors get Punishment.
  • Blight: has loud grunts; relatively loud foot steps.
  • Twins: scary map-wide sound is played when Victor leaves Charlotte; Victor has map-wide Screams when pouncing.

All mentioned Killers give Survivors sense what they are doing, or at very least let them know who they play against. S[irit does not give Survivors any cues that she is the Spirit until she is too close, and she tells Survivors nothing what she is doing. It is not a big problem for SWF teams bcs they tell each other who is the Killer and what he is doing. However, solo Survivors do not have such information, and it is far harder to manage time wisely when they don't know what the Killer is doing, they might not even know who is the Killer until mid-game.

My idea would be increase the range of her whooshing sound to chainsaw-like quantities and make it possible for Survivors to determine the distance between them and her. The louder the noises, the closer she is. This would give Survivors more sence what she is doing at this particular moment.


  • TerroTerro Member Posts: 1,111

    Your really stretching a lot of the examples here. Also, spirit does have an audio cue. I have no clue how the hell it works or if it's bugged. I hear it sometimes. Would that change make any difference other than spirit can't do grabs anymore and might not have a surprise attack in the beginning?

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