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Pls stop doing the code charms thing devs

They talk about not doing exclusives anymore then go and do it plus limited time just so we can boost streamers streams ..I just really dislike it and I can’t be the only one right? Devs pls stop doing it I don’t have time to watch 5 hr streams all day everyday just give it to us as a universal charm


  • SurpriseSurpriseSurpriseSurprise Member Posts: 1,895

    I just think about the charms as barred content. I don't try for 'em.

    Would love if they made the codes used last [x] amount of time after the first use, with unlimited uses during that window, rather than the likely 10 uses per code (if its the same as last time).

    Like: Hey, this code is active for the next 10 minutes and then deactivates forever!

    But I know it would probably be abused with people setting up alerts and discord systems to effectively monitor streams and post active codes from streamers.

    As it is now it really works off of the exclusivity effect, and is a fantastic marketing trick.

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