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PSA: PC Users With FPS Issues, Reinstall the Game

When I came back today to DbD to try out the new maps- I've been gone for a while now due to burnout- my FPS was WAAAAAAAAY down the drain. I mean, I knew the game had to have been destroyed due to the updated maps... But this much? I checked the settings files I had customized, which looked intact, and then I checked to see if the game was bloating.

I wasn't surprised to see it is, and I wish I would've checked before: My Dead by Daylight folder was reaching an abysmal 50GB on a maybe 30GB max (Steam requires ~24GB) game.

The updates that've rolled out recently must've failed to delete files that were obsolete (I.E storing the old maps pre-rework, textures and all, for no reason), which is the dumbest thing I've ever seen on steampipe. I would try to show my dismay for this being unacceptable for a game as popular as this, but I simply don't have the will to anymore. Reinstall and see if the FPS improves (due to the clutter being cleared and/or conflicts being resolved between old/new assets, though don't quote me on that). Mine did.

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