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KILL OR BE KILLED | DBD Solo Tournament

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I am looking to set up a New competitive tournament in a solo player setting. I feel my idea for the rules is unique and could even roll over into a DBD pro league format of some kind (potentially).

There will be limited spots in this tourney and it could either potentially have 25 (tournament) or 125 / 650 (in a pro league setting) contestants. The reason for these numbers is because there will be sets of 5 playing in each cycle. At the end of the Cycle the player with the highest score will move on to the final cycle and the rest will be eliminated making a total of 6 game cycles of 5 games each (30 total matches). Each player will take turns playing survivor (4 times) and Killer (once) completing specific tasks to earn points during the matches. The Point system is as follows:


Hook - 1pt per | Everyone Hooked - 1pt | Kill - 1pt per | 4K - 1pt = 18 pts -----{12}---------------------------------------------------{4}---------------------{potentially}---------------------------------------------------


Safe Unhook - 1pt per | Hex Cleanse - 1pt per | Completed Gen - 1pt Per | Escape - 1pt or Hatch - 2pts = 21 Pts ----------------{9}-------------------------{5}--------------------------------{5}-----------------------------------------------------{potentially}


Players Must Earn As many points as they can in 5 trials to advance to the final cycle...

BM / TOXIC PLAY is warranted in trials only. (Reports of such with proof out of a trial will result in disqualification and the runner up from your trials will take your place in the finale)

No Comms... (This is intended to be a solo tournament and survivors must adapt to each situation) Players will be asked to Join a Discord and mute all others while in the trial

DC Penalties (Before 1 Gen or 1 Hook the game will be restarted... After will result in a death locking in points and awarding the killer with the rest of your hook states and a kill... DC as Killer will forfeit any points earned in the trial) This is to deter players who understand they dont have good ping from entering...

No Iridescent add-ons, No Mori, No starter items for survivors, All items must be plundered (Keys may be found)


I doubt I can put this together myself and get enough people to join so I am looking for help from the community to get it started and help me pool together enough people. If you have any comments or suggestions for me please let me know below. As of now I dont have an estimated date planned out as this is simply a concept. If you would like to participate in a tournament like comment (COUNT ME IN) below. This will help me get a potential idea if this is even a real possibility. If I do get enough feedback and the minimum number of participants then I will move forward with this tournament. I am a fairly new content creator and I have very little influence but feel free to contact me.

www.Twitch.tv/xShwaHD | www.Youtube.com/xShwaHD | DM me on IG or tweet me @xShwaHD

Save all toxic video comments for my channel video related comments on this thread will be reported

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  • xshwahdxshwahd Member Posts: 29

    Excuse the error on the survivor points it was late when I came up with the idea, its actually 18 total being 6 potential safe unhooks.


    Hook - 1pt per | Everyone Hooked - 1pt | Kill - 1pt per | 4K - 1pt = 18 pts


    Safe Unhook - 1pt per | Hex Cleanse - 1pt per | Completed Gen - 1pt Per | Escape - 1pt or Hatch - 2pts = 18 Pts

    Keep in mind the total points is only if you do every possible scoring event in the match...

    Dead By Daylight is at its heart a SOLO player game and I feel that the best of the community deserves a chance to SHOW OFF his or her OWN skill in a friendly and fun competitive experience. Dead by Daylight an Asymmetrical game meaning you cant just be good as survivor or killer, you must use both to understand the game. So if this sounds like fun to you help me set this up and lets have some fun.

  • BegraeroBegraero Member Posts: 31

    Hey man, I'll be more than willing to do this tournament as a killer, I've really been wanting to test out my blight against really good players. Is this a casual tournament (no grand prize) or not? Also, you should post a link to a server where the players you find can keep tabs on the tournament. HMU, I'll be more than happy to play in your tournament!

  • xshwahdxshwahd Member Posts: 29

    Cool man, Hopefully we get more players, I was going more for a concept where every player plays killer and survivor so you would play 4 rounds of survivor essentially and 1 killer round in your cycle of matches and the players with the most overall points from their cycle would move on to the final match cycle.

    Although it could be possible to make 1 killer and make the survivors stay survivors so I dont have to force players into unconfortable roles but i like the concept of noone having an unfair advantage and everyone competing for points.

  • LuskasLuskas Member Posts: 7

    im intrested. where do i sing up?

  • xshwahdxshwahd Member Posts: 29

    I will be making an update post regarding this. It will have the listing for the official rules of the competition. Anyone interested can sign up by emailing [email protected] with the subject title "Entry" The 1st 100 entries will be the 1st considered for the competition.

  • VishVish Member Posts: 1

    I sent an email if you have seen it please respond.

  • StoniTart13StoniTart13 Member Posts: 1

    Interested! Let me know how I can help.

  • CarsonaitorCarsonaitor Member Posts: 1

    COUNT ME IN. Definitely interested.

  • LPJLPJ Member Posts: 1

    Is this tournament actually going to happen I think it’s a good idea.

  • xshwahdxshwahd Member Posts: 29

    This is definitely going to happen, we are aiming for mid February to start. Those who have entered 1st will be given the 1st chances to compete. I am still working over the official rulings and what channels will host the live content. Also we need to get some volunteers to commentate on the matches. I will be making an official post regarding the rulings and more and I will add a link to that post in this comment section.

  • xshwahdxshwahd Member Posts: 29

    For anyone interested go to the updated thread for this competitions here:


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    Closed as OP asked.

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