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Disconnection penalty really necessary?

Hello, I have a question about the penalty for leaving the match. What's the point of not letting me play since I paid to play the game?


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    The point is actually to actively encourage you to play the game, by not disconnecting.

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    I had to stay in a game for 30 minutes with 2 survivors that were working with the killer. I knew if i dc'd i'd be in trouble. Between this and the possibility of an accidental dc resulting in a ban (no matter how short) i would never buy a huge auric cell package. My kids play a game on android and i bought them a package of crystals and other stuff for $100 but i know that they won't lose access to the game if they dc. So to me that was worth it. My advice would be to try and stick out toxic games, if you dc by accident try to give it an hour and test your connection so you don't dc over and over. Also be wary of buying anything really expensive with this game. I love it but i just don't trust it lol

    Don't get me wrong i am not saying not to buy the game or dlc packs. I think those are really great deals. All i mean is if you picture yourself will be dc'ing either on purpose or you are afraid of dc'ing by accident then i would skip the big cell packs. I'd buy a cell pack tomorrow if the penalty for dc's was bp, shards or even levels.

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  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 12,625

    @Naz that's why the initial DC penalty is so short, so on the rare instances that these situations occur you are only hit with a 5 minute penalty.

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    Oh i guess it changed. I was wrongly comparing it to my experience of a week ban more than a year ago. I quit for a year because i thought the punishment was way too much considering what was the cause. The new penalty method is far better. So am i to understand that if i dc'd once today by accident and then once or twice in two weeks i would be ok? In that case i might buy a big cell package. TY and Merry Christmas!

    Also i do not plan on dc'ing lol i was just curious. I did screenshot a recent game error that resulted in a dc and 5 min. penalty. So that's what i meant.

  • ProwlingDeadProwlingDead Member Posts: 20

    I had internet connection problems and DC'd twice within an hour and both were a 5 minute penalty, I gave up after that but just because i didn't want to continue being the bad player

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    What's the point of you playing the game if you aren't actually going to PLAY the game? :) This is a 4v1 and only works if people actually act like adults and adhere to the social contract. When you quit to please your entitled, selfish self, you leave four other players holding the bag. The point of the penalty is to remind you that you AGREED per the rules to play the match out.

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    I have people dc 50-60% of matches I play in :/

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