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“Internet Connection Required”

     I’ve been having a problem with disconnecting from matches since I upgraded from the original Xbox(one), to the Xbox X. 
     My NAT type is almost always (except for when I disconnect) Open, my internet speeds are phenomenal, and it tells me I have the IPv4 & IPv6. It IS a wireless connection.
     Usually mid-trial as Killer, the game will end with all survivors DC’ing (causing de-pips) then I return to the killer lobby THEN forced to the menu as I suddenly notice I’ve been kicked off Xbox Live. I can then reconnect like everything is fine and choose to play again or just stop trying... while never saving my games.

     Are these simply the effects of a wireless connection? ONLY Xbox Live shuts down. NEVER my internet.


  • TheTimeMachineTheTimeMachine Member Posts: 229
    Is this an isolated incident?
  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 5,246

    I think as it's the whole of Xbox live that you are experiencing connection errors with - I would check with their support. I've not seen any other reports from other players where the whole xbox live connection goes, so this does seem isolated.

  • TheTimeMachineTheTimeMachine Member Posts: 229

    @MandyTalk Thankyou very much for your response. At least now I know it’s ME who’s gotta make some kind of changes.

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